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Statement Stairs


It's going to be quite a change moving into a home with stairs again. With one level having wooden flooring, the other carpet, our first choice for the new build was to have wooden stairs. Because it's such an expensive feature we've decided to carpet for now, and look at ripping it out at a later stage. If we do this we'd probably still stick with a simple look, however I can't help but be inspired by all the images I keep seeing around the web.

You can have a lot of fun with colour and pattern when it comes to stairs. Painting with block or ombre colour works well. Mirroring the rug in the dining area, I think this deep turquoise colour looks incredible against the monochrome palette and pale wooden flooring.

An eyecatching feature as you enter the front door, a striped stair runner adds personality to all-white interiors... 

Black and white makes a bold statement...

One my favourite looks, I love how the rustic wood contrasts with the white here...

Space under the stairs can provide great storage. These next examples show how to take it a step further with creative design solutions. I love the geometric sculptural look of this first staircase. Starting with concrete to tie in with the custom made TV bench, complete with shelves to house the audio equipment, the stairs change to wood, leading up to a mezzanine floor. 

This next home is actually one of my most treasured finds. The only reason I haven't featured it on the blog is because it's been so over exposed! Located in England, it's the home of incredibly talented interior designer Kathryn Tyler and was first featured on Grand Designs before hitting the blogosphere. Scandinavian in style, the home showcases Kathryn's simple aesthetic, exquisite architectural elements and her incredible attention to detail. I'm sure you'll agree the staircase is a bit of showstopper with its built in shelving. 

I'm not sure what the code of compliance rules are in other countries, but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't get away with not having a balustrade here in NZ or Australia! Spotted over on The Design Files yesterday, this incredible Bondi home features a stunning timber balustrade. 

Images: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06-07 | 08-09 | 10

I've also come across marble stairs, chalkboard stairs, numbered stairs, shimmery tiled stairs...the options are endless! Of course I'm now having second thoughts about our very plain carpeted ones, but who knows what they could turn into one day! What would be your dream staircase? 

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  1. I love the ombre stairs, but I also really love the ones that seem to float above the concrete shelf. And I was 'wowed' by those last stairs when I saw them on The Design Files - such a cool feature, and one balustrade has been yarn-bombed :) x

  2. The Kathryn Tyler episode of Grand Designs is still easily my favourite, one seriously hip lady. Still fresh today, also diggin the design files one with one random coloured art piece...oooh ya

    1. Mine too - I don't think her home will ever date. Good spotting - yarn bombing, as Vic above pointed out!

  3. I agree, the Kathryn Tyler staircase as well as everything else in her home is spot on. Also love the black contrasting with the white walls and concrete floors, very cool. x

  4. So in love with the colored sairs right now...

  5. All gorgeous, I especially love the rustic wood with white and the timber balustrades from the Bondi pad. My mother in law has some incredible ancient stairs in her home in France, original wood, slanting - ever so dangerous and I lose a few years off my life each time I go there with the kids but they are incredibly beautiful. You must be faced with so many financial headaches with this build, I hate to think what the cost of a stair case could be but it would certainly be a statement. Like you said, you could always go and redo them! M x

    1. Yes, and the killer is paying rent while building! We just can't wait to get in now... your Mother in law's stairs sound incredible Mel x

  6. Thanks for sharing Michelle! No spiral stairs as statement stairs? That's so upsetting those are my favorite hahah! My husband and I are actually renovating an old loft in Philadelphia and have been looking at different designs for stairs, mainly spiral staircases. We actually got some quotes and saw that the Spiral Staircase Prices were considerable lower then some of the other designs we got quotes for, go figure. Once we get the designs and installation out of the way (fingers crossed everything goes well) I will upload some pictures so you can check them out!

    1. Thanks Joan, spiral stairs will have to be in the next stair post! I've pinned some amazing ones.Your project sounds exciting - I'd love to see! Good luck x



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