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Pendant Lights


I just love pendant lights and the way they can visually impact on a room. I think it's to do with how they fill a void between the ceiling and floor, hover above kitchen islands or dining tables, creating intimacy and even a bit of drama. There are so many gorgeous pendant lights to choose from right now. Here are some of my current faves.

These are available from design store Douglas + Bec in Auckland. See more from the Muuto brand further down.

Yellow 'Triangle' Pendant Light by by  Workroom Design  and Yellow 
E27 Pendant Light by Mattias Ståhlbom for Muuto 
Black Industrial Pendant Light by Workroom Design and Black E27 
Pendant Light by Mattias Ståhlbom for Muuto 

International finds

Louis Poulsen PH50 lamp

Louis Poulson LC Shutters designed by Louise Campbell
PXL Pendant Lamp by Svenssons & Lammhult
Bright Sprout: a wooden fixture designed to hide the sockets on 
energy saving bulbs by designer Jonas Hoejgaard for Nordic Tales
Coco Pendant Mini from Coco Flip Design Studio
A range of pendant lights made of repeated interlocking parts by 
Finnish designer Tuukka Halonen for design brand Skandium
Caravaggio Pendant by Danish Designer Cecile Manz

The Buffer Lamp with a silver or gold-glazed interior 
designed by Wieki Somers for Dutch By Design 
Form Pendants designed by Form Us With Love
Torch Light, Sylvain Willenz Principal Collection 

Copper. Beautiful hung solo or in a group. Both of these brands are available from Ecc Lighting + Furniture

Copper Shade Pendants by Tom Dixon
Copa Cabana is the newest light collection designed by
Hayon for Metalarteshown here at the Groninger Museum, 
The Netherlands

More from the stunning brand Muuto (I can't get enough of this Scandinavian design company!) 

Form Us With Love Unfold Pendant Lamp in blue
Form Us With Love Unfold Pendant Lamp in black
Norway Says Mhy Pendant Lamp 
Thomas Bernstrand Studio Pendant Lamp
Mattias Ståhlbom E27 Pendant Lamp in red
Mattias Ståhlbom E27 Pendant Lamps in black + yellow
Mattias Ståhlbom E27 Pendant Lamps in white

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