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Dulux Colour Forecast 2024: Positivity and Warmth Radiate Through Colour


Last week I attended the Dulux Colour Forecast 2024 Launch to see the highly anticipated reveal for the year ahead. This year's three palettes, Solstice, Journey and Muse, reflect an inner desire for positivity and spaces that nurture within our homes. With the inclusion of mid-toned hues to create a central theme, the palettes transition to an overall warmer feel with a focus on tactility and a shift towards more sophisticated nostalgic references.

Background walls and ceiling: Dulux Ponsonby, Front walls and ceiling: Dulux Paekākāriki

At the launch, which also marked the 15th anniversary of the annual Dulux Colour Forecast in New Zealand, I quickly identified my favourite palette, Solstice. A warm and reflective palette of rich browns, clay and warm neutrals with a sun loving yellow as an accent, Soltice is designed to evoke a comforting, familiar and inviting feeling.

Wall and ceiling: Dulux Bayleys Beach

Walls and ceiling: Dulux Ponsonby

Walls and ceiling: Dulux Ponsonby

"This is a warm and welcoming palette of nurturing hues to make you feel safe and at home,” explains Dulux Colour Specialist Davina Harper. "Sunsoaked neutrals are influenced by a soft orange glow and paired with softer shades of pastel blues and citrus yellow. This trend embodies a harmonious blend of cosy and calm styling elements, with captivating material highlights like natural stone, ceramic and highly textured fabrics."

Front walls: Dulux Potters Park, Back wall: Dulux Paekākāriki

Walls and ceiling: Dulux Handmade Linen Half

Front wall: Dulux Ponsonby, Back walls and ceiling: Dulux Paekākāriki

According to Dulux Colour Forecaster and Stylist Bree Leech, Solstice starts with inspiration from the pared back Scandinavian design style but adds a Mediterranean and desert influence. “From the Australian outback to the African savannah, the palette brings together warm colours with cooler accents and tactile details, such as braiding and primitive sculptural forms.”

Walls: Dulux TikiTiki, Ceiling: Dulux Howick Half

Walls and ceiling: Howick Half, Inside windows: Dulux Blue Pools

Walls and ceiling: Howick Half, Inside windows: Dulux Blue Pools

Walls and ceiling: Dulux Potters Park, Alcove: Dulux Blue Pools

I love that Solstice serves as a reminder that as the days grow longer, better days are ahead. As demonstrated here walls predominantly feature clay brown shades with red undertones, including Dulux Ponsonby and Potters Park and golden neutrals such as Dulux Baylys Beach and Handmade Linen Half. Creating a sense of comfort, these sun-soaked shades are adorned with accents in lighter blues, including Dulux Blue Pools and Ocean Surf, and zesty yellows like Dulux Mayfield. Evoking a restorative warmth, Solstice can create joyful, cosy spaces to provide comfort and form the perfect backdrop for gatherings and entertaining spaces.

To learn more about Dulux’s Colour Forecast 2024 visit

Image credits: Dulux Colour Forecaster and Stylist: Bree Leech, Photographer: Lisa Cohen

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