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Fredericia Relaunches a Timeless Shelf Design by Børge Mogensen


Fredericia, one of my favourite Danish brands, has reintroduced a timeless design from 1956, Børge Mogensen's BM29 shelf. Crafted by hand in Denmark, its elegant and simplistic form instantly struck a chord. Much like Mogensen's other designs, it holds the same relevance today as it did in the past, embodying an authentic design that showcases Fredericia's long-standing tradition and expertise in well-designed, quality wooden furniture. Moreover, it serves as a testament to the enduring partnership between Børge Mogensen and the family business, where he served as the head designer for many years.

In the same year the BM29 shelf was designed by by Børge Mogensen, it was exhibited at the Furniture Fair in Fredericia, and at the Cabinetmakers’ Guild Furniture Exhibition. The shelf design was the first of its kind from Fredericia and attracted interest with its functional and enduring appeal. On closer inspection, the design revealed a remarkable subtlety featuring discreet details that echoed throughout several of Mogensen's other designs.

The functionality and minimalist aesthetics of these shelves exemplify Mogensen's practical approach to design, not only fulfilling a purpose but enhancing the look of the interior decor. This elegant design showcases exquisite craftsmanship while providing a place to display a variety of items, such as artworks, books or cherished objects.

I also love how versatile the BM29 shelf is. Beautifully demonstrated in these images, it can work in any room of the home, while the four different sizes allow for you to go from a simple two-shelf setup to a full wall of shelves. Additionally, two of the models incorporate a narrow desk shelf, providing a discreet and creative workspace, perfect for a compact home office.

Made from furniture boards with veneered surfaces – an old technique that results in slim, elegant and sturdy shelves - they are held in place with shelf brackets delicately crafted from solid wood and fixed to the wall with discreet brass screws. Handmade in Denmark, the BM29 shelf is available in both oak and walnut treated with a matt lacquer.

Explore the BM29 Shelf here

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