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Tranquilty in Ibiza: Ask og Eng Transform a Century-Old Finca


Today we're travelling to Ibiza, to take a look at the stunning renovation of a finca that has stood for over a century. Ibiza Interiors oversaw the renovation project, handling all aspects of interior architecture, including the overarching concept, new layouts, lighting, and finishes. Collaborating with Ask og Eng, renowned creators of sustainable kitchens and furniture, the renovation project successfully integrated bespoke bamboo solutions throughout the entire property. The end result is a tranquil sanctuary that beautifully captures the essence of a home away from home.

As Ask og Eng embarked on the interior design journey for this house, their mission was clear: to preserve the rough charm and materiality that defined the building, while infusing Nordic minimalism. The result is a soulful blend that seamlessly marries the two styles.

One of the key elements that set this design apart is Ask og Eng's signature use of bamboo. It's exceptional quality and inherent warmth elevate the entire ambience, creating spaces that exude a sense of tranquillity and calmness.

Stepping inside this beautiful finca, you'll discover customised bamboo furniture in every corner. From bed frames and vanity units to wardrobes and, of course, the heart of every home — the kitchen — every piece has been meticulously designed and crafted by Ask og Eng. Thoughtfully designed as a communal space, the kitchen features a centrally positioned kitchen island where everyone can gather.

Carefully selected natural materials pay homage to the traditional finca and offer a tactile experience that evokes a sense of serenity and mindfulness. The interplay of light and open space further enhances this soothing atmosphere.

See more of this beautiful project here.


Interior Architecture: Ibiza Interiors
Kitchen and Bespoke Furniture: Ask og Eng
Photography: Elisabeth Heier and Kine Ask Stenersen

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