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New and Noted: 3daysofdesign


Today's New and Noted content features highlights from 3daysofdesign, Denmark's annual design festival in Copenhagen. My first spotlight is on the Kristina Dam Studio Exhibition. This captivating exhibition takes place at the Vintage Bar, a community-driven marketplace known for its luxury fashion offerings. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in a multi-sensory experience, exploring new designs and original sculptures crafted by Kristina Dam.

Kristina Dam Studio, which blends design, art and architecture, presents a series of rooms, each with a unique interpretation of the theme of sculptural minimalism. The sculptures and installations in the space are carefully tailored to showcase specific design pieces or artworks. As viewers navigate through the exhibit, they will witness the brand's sculpture process unfold, from the creation of initial prototypes to the final products.

Visitors will be able to try Kristina Dam Studio's delicately scented, rich hand cream at the entrance, as well as create their cardboard artwork in a monochrome colour palette, which they can then bring home. The focus on sculpture and pedestals throughout the space lends itself to a beautiful exploration of light and shadow.

3daysofdesign sees the launch of the new Outline Bar Chair, the newest addition to the Kristina Dam Studio Outline series. Joining the Outline Chair and Desk, the Bar Chair brings a long-desired addition to this beloved collection that celebrates architectural, Scandinavian style.

The Outline Bar Chair has a minimalist, airy aesthetic, allowing it to fit easily into any interior design style. The interplay of wooden rectangles creates the visual harmony that is key to Kristina Dam Studio's ethos of sculptural minimalism.

Next up, Danish brand Vipp welcomes visitors to their flagship store in the heart of Copenhagen to bring together modern creativity and design mastery with timeless Vipp icons. Revamped by interior designer Julie Cloos Mølsgaard, the 125sqm exhibition space exudes design quality and colourful playfulness, including special installations and a preview of upcoming Vipp design. Adding some South European flamboyance to an else ways clean Scandinavian expression, Vipp presents a curated selection of art pieces by Italian artist Paola Paronetto, who is premiering her work in Denmark.

Marie’s Yellow bin is a tribute to the woman behind Vipp’s founder, Holger Nielsen. Her favourite colour now dresses a limited-edition version of her husband’s iconic pedal bin.

With an exclusive preview of upcoming Vipp designs and novelty upholsteries, these include the new coffee square table with a yellow onyx table top created exclusively for 3daysofdesign. The coffee square table will come with a grey marble table top in two sizes and is available from August 2023.

Playing with colours and textiles, Vipp has upholstered a handful of showpiece furniture including the Swivel chair, the Chimney sofa, the daybed, and the pouf with textiles from Metaphores, Christopher Farr, and Libeco.

In addition, the Danish brand presents a selection of enticing, colourful artworks by renowned Italian artist Paola Paronetto. The artist began her training at a very young age working between Umbria and Tuscany, where she learnt clay working techniques, but it was not until many years later that she realized that paper clay should form her way of life. Sold exclusively in Vipp Home, learn more about Paola's artworks here.

3daysofdesign saw the official reveal of Audo Copenhagen. Developed from uniting MENU and by Lassen, Audo Copenhagen has been formed as a new luxury brand spanning furniture, lighting and accessories, with iconic designs by Ib Kofod-Larsen, Vilhelm Lauritzen, Flemming and Mogens Lassen and collaborations with contemporary talents including Norm Architects, Colin King and Danielle Siggerud. 

Audo's name reflects its close connection with The Audo, a unique concept in Copenhagen that opened in 2019 under MENU, masterfully uniting coworking and event facilities, a café, restaurant and concept shop, as well as an exclusive residence in a single, community-building universe.

Passages of Life
Artistic and inviting, the new Audo Concept Shop, shown here, has been curated by Christian Møller Andersen, as an intimate exploration of the home. Visitors can discover the different moments of life as they pass through a series of inspiring spaces created to put into practice classic and contemporary design. Here objects are showcased in situ, honouring their intended use in rooms made with distinctive moods in mind and underpinned by the use of painterly colours from St.Leo that draw inspiration from rural homes in France and Italy. As you wander from one room to the next, new objects, textures and stories unfold in the sensorial space.

Audo’s network of partners – including Sørensen Leather, St. Leo, August Sandgren, Brandt Collective, Durup, Geberit and Kolon – showcase their finishing touches to a revitalised Audo House, a creative destination that reflects Audo Copenhagen’s collaborative spirit as a hub for powerful ideas and community. For 3daysofdesign, classic and contemporary Audo furniture designs that decorate the space are swathed in an eclectic mix of upholstery fabrics by Dedar, Christian Lacroix (by Designers Guild) and Kelly Wearstler, among others.

For 3daysofdesign, &Tradition opens its Copenhagen home for visitors to experience a 360° sensory exploration of the brand in an immersive exhibition - Under ONE ROOF. Built on a foundation of classics stretching back to the 1920s, the &Tradition collection today is an eclectic confluence of past greats and contemporary designs. Under ONE ROOF explores new and existing products as guests embark on a journey through the house. Each room expresses its own unique narrative, engaging the senses of sight, sound, scent, taste, and tactility.

One of my favourite rooms, The Conversation Lounge (pictured above) focuses on the new Mist light by All the Way to Paris, taking cues from a misty, dewy, morning landscape. The natural tones come through in the upholsteries and painted panelling, grounding the colour in the lower half of the space, while the top half remains light and airy, highlighting the soft form and warm glow of the Mist pendant.


New collections by Spanish artist and designer Jaime Hayon, design studio Space Copenhagen, graphic design duo All the Way to Paris and range extensions by Hee Welling and Anderssen & Voll will be showcased throughout &Tradition's Copenhagen head office. These contemporary classics sit alongside reissued design icons like the Flowerpot by Verner Panton and Jørn Utzon's JU1 lamp.

The image above shows the Limited Edition Formakami, illustrated by Jaime Hayon with his signature bold colours and organic shapes. The installation called Teatro Surreal gives visitors a glimpse into the artistic world of Jaime Hayon. 

In honour of Danish architect Jørn Utzon the exhibition Classic Focus (below) celebrates the Special Edition Utzon lamp, reimagined for the 50th anniversary of the Sydney Opera House. The exhibition pays tribute to his architectural work, using materials and colours inspired by his designs while encapsulating the hue of the new Steel Blue finish.

A sensory touch point to introduce the brand's new refined scented products range, Mnemonic (shown above). Inspired by natural tones found in misty, dewy landscapes, the space creates a sense of calm.

The Dining Room by Space Copenhagen (below) features the new Trace cabinets filled with functional kitchen equipment, tableware, and crafted utilities - weaved in and amongst other more personal objects which project a warm, intimate atmosphere. Encouraging visitors to sit down, lounge and mingle, the overall ambience is reminiscent of being at a friend's home with an alluring aroma of herbs, plants, fruit and vegetables.

All press images are courtesy of their respective brands.  

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