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Nordiska Kök Presents Five Kitchen Trends for 2022


Offering considered bespoke solutions, incredible attention to detail and timeless Scandinavian style, Nordiska Kök has built an impressive portfolio of kitchen projects to inspire the design-conscious far and wide. Looking ahead to the new year the Swedish brand presents the top five kitchen trends for 2022. Based on their most requested designs, the list includes the popular Shaker style, the covetable warm and natural look, alongside kitchens with contrasting elements and personal expressions. Here’s a look at the five trends in detail.


Bold contrasts create a truly special space and heart of the home, as shown here with this stunning kitchen. Dark oak is paired with a gorgeous Verde Alpi marble, providing a striking textural element and injection of colour.

Styling by Marie Graunbøl / Photography by Line Klein

Back to Nature

Spending so much time on our devices, it’s little wonder we crave an escape from the digital world with a strong longing for natural and simple aesthetics. Nordiska Kök receives many requests for natural materials and earthy colours, and for 2022 they are noticing a greater demand for colours such as olive green and warm tones like burnt terracotta and eggshell. Materials with tactile finishes, including prominent use of warm wood, further enhance the overall natural look and feel of this beautiful style of kitchen. 

Styling by Marie Graunbøl / Photography by Andrea Papini


Fast fashion, climate crisis and a never-ending stream of digital content have increased the demand for this timeless design. A true classic, the Shaker kitchen provides comfort and a pared-back elegance with its characteristic style and well thought out design. Renovations are being carried out with greater awareness than before. Sustainability is top of mind and more customers are investing in durable, high-quality materials are willing to pay more for genuine and sincere craftsmanship with locally built kitchens from local producers. See more of this stunning kitchen here.

Styling by Marie Graunbøl / Photography by Andrea Papini


After years of overconsumption, we now long for a more curated home, where we are surrounded by our most important and loved items. “In 2022, our customers want kitchens that breathe restraint and space, and we continue to see monochrome colour combinations where wall cabinets almost disappear into the walls. We also choose to hide the fridge, freezer, and dishwasher behind doors to get a uniform and minimalist impression.” — Johan Lundkvist, Creative Director and Founder of Nordiska KöK. To create an additional air of serenity in the kitchen, cabinets and doors are aligned and many chose a hob with an integrated, rather than wall mounted kitchen fan.

Styling by Caroline Sandstrom / Photography by Kristofer Johnsson


Often placed in the largest area of the house, kitchens are now the central, and social hub of the home. The move to working from home, set to continue in 2022, has resulted in high demand for a kitchen island that can be generously sized to serve as a home office during the day, as well as a place where the family gathers for dinner, and friends for a party. Johan says “We see several smart solutions where the kitchen island is built in levels, such as this kitchen island in beautiful granite where the chef can entertain the guests with cooking while the guests sit comfortably on chairs.”

Styling by Marie Graunbøl / Photography by Andrea Papini

What an inspiring roundup! Which is your favourite?

 Images courtesy of Nordiska Kök

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