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Movimento Club Exhibition in Collaboration with Il Magma


Created by Artefatto Design Studio, Movimento Club is a fast-growing global collective of emerging designers and brands, as well as a place for design enthusiasts, collectors, architects, interior designers and gallerists to discover and purchase some of the finest new design from all around the world. Operating almost exclusively online for the past year, Movimento has used this time to travel virtually to all corners of the world, discovering the amazing talent operating there and holding visual collaborations. Invited to exhibit at Collectible Design Fair, which, unfortunately, like many great events in recent times, was forced to cancel, Movimento has once again gone digital with a visual journey in collaboration with digital storytellers, Il Magma.

Movimento Club was born at a point in our history when the power and impact of the internet were impossible to miss. Despite being unable to travel because of a global pandemic, it was still possible to form a collective of nearly 50 independent designers and emerging brands. Travelling virtually to Mexico, South Korea, America and beyond, Movimento discovered the huge variety of talent that exists around the world and were able to communicate and share ideas with designers from completely different cultures, cities and circumstances. 


Il Magma, headed by the very talented Massimo Colonna, is a multidisciplinary collective of designers, architects, creatives and artists. For Nomads, they have taken the products which would have been exhibited at Collectible Design Fair and created a series of timeless rooms which take cues from neoclassical and byzantine architecture with high walls, huge archways and marble floors, but have transformed these themes into a series of minimal and modern interiors. This series of rooms, with no defined time reference or location, become the perfect backdrop for the products of Movimento. 

Gathered from all corners of the world, the products exhibited use new materials, new processes and new, innovative ways to use the resources we already have. Nomads is a collection of pieces that don’t have a defined location or era but display a mixture of cultures, materials and techniques which span continents and countries and break preconceived notions of the design scene around the world.

The designers taking part include Secolo (London), Studio F (Turin), MYK Studio (Gyeonggi-do), Jesper Eriksson (London), CARA\DAVIDE (Milan), Julian David Studio (Chicago), Hot Wire Extensions (London), Celo.1 (Milan) and Atelier Sohn (Seoul). 

Movimento was created to give talented individuals visibility by coming together as a singular collective, and as a result, the members within Movimento span continents, challenge stereotypes and differ hugely in their approach to design. Carefully curated by Artefatto Design Studio, the selection of pieces is contemporary, global and above all unique. Find out more about the products here. 

Renders courtesy of Movimento Club

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