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GUBI | The Pacha Collection designed by Pierre Paulin


Originally inspired by the shape of clouds, the Pacha Lounge Chair designed by Pierre Paulin was born as a result of extensive research on the concept of comfort. After its initial launch in the ’70s, the popular home piece was reissued in 2018 by GUBI. Last year the Danish brand expanded the collection with further designs by Pierre Paulin, the Pacha Lounge Chair with armrests, the Pacha Sofa and the Pacha Ottoman. Last week some inspiring new imagery of the collection landed in my inbox, and I love how much these capture the cloud-like aesthetic and unique silhouette of the furniture.

Curvaceous, soft and low-slung, the Pacha Lounge Chair with Armrest is a joyfully modernist creation that embraces both extreme comfort and effortless versatility. Iconic designer Pierre Paulin’s vision was to create a sensation of ‘sitting on clouds’. A little ahead of its time in 1975, the modular Pacha Collection is finally coming into its own today.

GUBI's modular Pacha Collection by Pierre Paulin responds to changing living habits with a playful and contemporary take on a typology made popular by the 1970s trend for low-level living. Forming and reforming just like clouds, Pacha modules offer the flexibility to suit your home and your family, even as your needs change over time. The modules provide myriad seating options and even define zones within ‘broken plan’ layouts, creating semi-divisions that evoke a sense of depth and cosiness within large open-plan spaces.

Paulin’s vision of sitting in an entire cloud formation is made possible by the many modular combinations available. The Pacha Ottoman provides extra comfort for the Lounge Chair, or even as an informal seat of its own. A choice of Black or Pearl Gold base and extensive customizable upholstery options lets you make precisely the statement you wish for your home.

Styling by Tine Daring / Photography by Irina Boersma 

The Pacha Collection is available in NZ from Cult. 

Images courtesy of GUBI 

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