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Bedroom Update with Luxaflex - The Reveal


Last week I shared the first part of our bedroom update with Luxaflex®, The Selection Process, and today I’m excited to share the reveal. In case you missed it, in the first instalment I talked about what we were wanting to achieve in terms of light filtering qualities and privacy during the day, and blockout at night. Following a home visit by Luxaflex to talk through the options, we decided on a combination of two products, the new Luxaflex LumiShade™ and the Duette® shades.

The LumiShades bring a textural softness to the space. 

Visiting the showroom to see how these products would work once installed was a key part of the process, as was testing out fabric swatches in our bedroom throughout the day and night. With three LumiShade fabric varieties on offer, I couldn’t go past the Luxury option, and to create the soft effect I was after I chose Flax, a pale beige colour. Fitting seamlessly alongside our recently painted walls in Dulux Mangaweka Quarter, the decision to install the blinds from the top of the ceiling and wall to wall as recommended to us by Luxaflex was integral to the overall result. By adding an element of textural softness and warmth, the LumiShades have completely changed the look and feel of the room. They also provide a fascinating play on light, achieved by simply rotating the fabric vanes. As we move them from one side to the other, the level of light and even the colour subtly changes. I love that on a particularly bright day when the strong afternoon sun streams in, we can control the brightness while creating beautiful effects with the light. We can also have the sliding doors wide open and walk easily in and out through the LumiShades.

By simply rotating the fabric vanes, we can filter the light and add privacy. I love seeing how small adjustments make subtle differences to the light and colours in the room.  

I chose Flax, a soft beige colour for the LumiShades and I love how it blends seamlessly with the wall colour. 

Here the fabric vanes are rotated closed, providing room darkening functionality. 

With summer heading our way that bright sun can also overheat the room, which is where the second product we installed comes in to play. Chosen as the ideal blockout solution for night time, the Duette shades also filter unwanted glare while defecting heat. So if for example, we are heading out for the afternoon on a hot summer’s day, we can drop the Duette blinds to keep our room significantly cooler. When it comes to winter, the Duette shades will dramatically insulate the room.

A combination of LumiShades and Duette Shades has provided the perfect solution. 

The Powerview Pebble is an added feature that makes the Duette Shades so easy to use. 

In addition to blockout, the Duette Shades provide the ultimate in energy efficiency by defecting heat in summer and insulating in winter.  

The colour I chose for our Duette Shades is Birch, a slightly darker beige than the LumiShades and walls to create a little more warmth, depth and contrast. In terms of blockout, they are the ideal solution - perfect for those Sunday morning sleep-ins!

In addition to the PowerView Pebble, we have installed the PowerView Automation Hub to activate both the Duettes in the bedroom and Silhouettes in our dining room with voice control.  

Available in different colourways, I chose an Oyster Pebble and White Remote to match the room. 

The Powerview Automation for the Luxaflex Silhouette® shades in our dining area has been such a dream, I knew I wanted the same for the Duettes. A completely cordless battery operated system, allowing you to open and close the blinds with the press of a button on the remote - the PowerView Pebble - I was excited to learn that we could install the Powerview Automation Hub to integrate with the upstairs dining room Silhouette Shades. Using the app on our phone, we can now use voice control to automatically control the shades no matter where we are!

My morning routine. The PowerView Pebble is programmed to operate both the Duettes and the Luxaflex Silhouette shades in the dining area upstairs.  

I love being able to have the LumiShades closed for privacy and to filter the bright light, while leaving the doors open to allow for a cool breeze.  

From start to finish, working with Luxaflex been a completely seamless and thoroughly enjoyable process. Once again, the products have completely elevated the space in terms of both aesthetics and functionality, and we are thrilled with the results.

Styling by Michelle Halford-Studio TDC / Photography by Helen Bankers / Assisted by Anton Maurer

Bordeaux Night Stands from BoConcept (gifted)
Still book by Natalie Walton (gifted)
Clothing by Juliette Hogan (brand partner)  

AD / This is a paid partnership post. I only work with products I love and all opinions are my own. For more information please visit my About Page.

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