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The Nordic Retro Kichen by Nordiska Kök


Paying tribute to the history and character of the iconic townhouses in Malmö’s Bellevue neighbourhood in Sweden, Nordiska Kök has created a kitchen for one of the beautiful terraced houses in the area. Designed by the architects Fritz Jaenecke and Sten Samuelsson in the mid 1950s, Bellevue is known for its modernist and bold design language and has enduring appeal for those interested in design and architecture. With the history of the house firmly in mind, Nordiska Kök has created a kitchen that combines a timeless Scandinavian aesthetic with functional elements to suit a modern lifestyle.

Built in natural materials oak and granite, the kitchen's sustainable design is focused around longevity rather than prevailing trends. Incredibly durable, the granite in Lemon Ice has a beautiful and soothing pattern and will last for generations to come. Paired with warm oak in a chocolate brown stain, the timber is a nod to timeless Scandinavian mid-century furniture. Beige walls and curtains from Kvadrat create further harmony while softening the minimalist kitchen.

Enhancing the sense of space with a pared back elegance, two shelves were chosen in place of cupboards to display favourite porcelain pieces. Showing respect for the surrounding architectural elements, the kitchen has been designed to harmonise with the stairs, while the drawer frames pay homage to the iconic windows in the house. For further cohesion, the extractor fan has been painted in the same colour as the wall and the wall sockets were chosen to match the stove.

Styling by Marie Graunbøl / Photography by Andrea Papini

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Images courtesy of Nordiska Kök

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  1. Looks unique and stylish kitchen. The color of cabinets are matching with kitchen area. Amazing work, thanks for sharing this.



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