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The Modern Classic by Nordiska Kök


Nordiska Kök's latest project in an apartment in central Stockholm is a blend between the modern and the classic, with a calm and elegant charm. Featuring warm earthy tones and vibrant Terrazzo, the kitchen flirts with the 60s while at the same time staying grounded in the modern 20s. Designed for today's lifestyle, it is as an inviting hub for family and friends.

Known for bringing together neutral colours and a warm materiality for a beautiful aesthetic, Nordiska Kök are also experts at provding the best in functionality. I am always interested to see how they configure kitchen cabinetry and storage, which is such an important element for any ktichen. Here, they have installed cabinets, top and bottom, along an entire wall. The top cabinets have sliding doors with line glass. A modern version of classic display cabinets, the clean lines and symmetry contrast with the random patterns of the Terrazzo. The kitchen island provides a striking central hub, and I love the how the stools tie in beautifully with the dark wooden flooring. 

To maximise storage, Nordiska Kök built sections of cabinets in a hallway that is located close to the kitchen. Featuring partly open shelves in light pigmented ash, these provide a warm contrast and a place to keep favourite objects on display. The Terrazzo, which carries through to the worktop, was a starting point that set the tone for the rest of the kitchen and colour palette. 

Beautiful cabinets made of solid ash reveal a designated coffee nook hidden behind two pocket doors. The modernized serving aisle, frame doors and handles are all updated versions of a classic kitchen, but in an modern look.

Styling by Caroline Sandström / Photography by Osman Tahir

For more inspiration from Nordiska Kök take a look at their stunning new Showroom and recently completed Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen. 

Images courses of Nordiska Kök

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