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Orchard Piper's Huntingtower Road Designed by Jolson


Envisioned by architectural developer Orchard Piper, Huntingtower Road comprises ten finely detailed homes in the heart of Armadale, one of Melbourne’s most beautiful suburbs. In collaboration with esteemed architects Jolson, landscape architects Myles Baldwin Design, and interior stylist Tamsin Johnson, the project has been realised as a shared appreciation for timeless and graceful design, a study in the sculpted form, with the curvatures of its unforgettable arches present in unexpected ways throughout the homes.

Set back from the street, the building’s presence is discreet, framed by a series of sculptural archways offset by bronze steel windows frames that pay homage to classical Italian loggias. Crafted over two levels in a classic colonnade style structure surrounded by verdant gardens, the landscape design of 35 Huntingtower road, created by revered landscape architect Myles Baldwin, is exceptional in its detail. 

Mature, deciduous plantings, climbers and flowering shrubs create immediate depth and texture to the gardens, where every decision – down to the orientation of each individual tree - has been made with intent. A contemporary take on the ‘Gardenesque’ aesthetic, each plant species has been purposefully selected to provide texture and contrast to the ample outdoor spaces of the property. 

Stepping inside the homes, every detail and design element has been carefully considered. Elegant three-metre ceilings and large entranceways lead through to expansive living zones with natural oak floorboards, striking marble and the highest quality of finishes throughout. Expansive three-metre long kitchen island benches finished in Cȏte D’Azur marble create a commanding presence in the living and entertaining rooms. In the bathrooms and ensuites, double basins, deep-set stand alone bathtubs and custom-designed joinery by Jolson in neutral tones create a serene environment.

“For this project, the soft curves and splays, and the way the light falls on them, informed a lot of the interior details. There is a continual play between the architectural and interior ideas that reinforce the philosophy and identity of this project. We have been interested in arches as a form and talked about them on previous projects because we were interested in exploring the ways light falls on curves, and how that can bring a softness, to the architecture” says Jolson’s Mat Wright, adding “the way the render material is used on the arches is purposeful; the subtle transition from the textured external render skin to the smooth, carved interior elements elevates this project at a detail level.”

Tamsin Johnson’s carefully curated furniture, lighting and artworks further enhance the beautiful spaces. She says “I love the oversized upholstered sofas with the soft organic lines of the timber dining chairs. I also love the layer of sculpture throughout; with large open steel framed windows and joinery, I didn’t want to crowd the walls with art, so we introduced a layer of sculpture and standalone artworks through the space.”

Key pieces in the living room included the Charles sofa by B&B Italia from Space Furniture, the 'Soft' handmade rug and Soori Round coffee table in antique bronze, both by Poliform, and Maxalto Caratos armchairs in kora cognac leather from Space Furniture.

“I made sure to introduce a few older pieces to create a subtle contrast against the contemporary interior. Art played a central role in making the interior feel highly personalised and complete. Comfortable upholstery is mixed in with Murano mid-century sculptural elements and collectible design pieces."

Photography by Sharyn Cairns 

Being the fifth project Orchard Piper and Jolson have completed, a coherent design language can be felt throughout 35 Huntingtower Road; one that has been developed in time and shows trust, a commitment to quality and a shared understanding of the type of product they want to create. Elegant in its restraint, 35 Huntingtower Road embodies the exacting standards upon which Orchard Piper has built its reputation.

To see more of the stunning Garden Residence One - the 525sqm home that surprises and delights and every turn - check out this film, produced by transcontinental filmmakers Coco and Maximillian

Images courtesy of Orchard Piper 

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