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Hegi Design House


Established in 2019 by German natives, Juri and Nelli Hegi, Hegi Design House is an Australian-based studio producing beautifully handcrafted furniture. Dedicated to using sustainably sourced materials, and with 15 years experience in quality craftsmanship, the couple infuse simple elegance into every piece they create, to ensure they can be handed down to future generations.

“Creating an emotional connection with the physical piece is vital to us as designers. This comes from our philosophy of creating simple, statement pieces to form a unique home that the client will love,” says Nelli Hegi. Juri adds "We are into creating pieces that you can feel and experience.”

Here's a close look at their latest designs, the Coulee Daybed (lanching soon) and the Monolith Coffee Table. 

Coulee Daybed 
A collaboration between Patryk Koca and Hegi Design House, the Coulee Daybed features a unique design that combines curved steel elements with beautiful bevelled edges and round forms. Inspired by the linearity and layering of ancient canyons, the daybed is crafted from a strong steel foundation, with warm elements of solid timber and upholstery. Feature lines meld between the steel frame and upholstery stitching, creating continuity and purpose wherever you look. The daybed is a statement piece for the home or office, a place to admire and to relax in comfort.

Seeing the daybed as a beautiful fit with the minimalist aesthetic of their brand, Nelli and Juri wanted to breathe new life and sophistication into the treatment of the steel structure and corners. "It was important for us that every detail was there for a reason, like the split leg that locates the head roll straps, the width of the chamfer that disappears in the shadow of the cushion, and the concentric corners which make the piece softer and more inviting. Comfort and function are ultimately the core design principle." 

The biggest challenge for Hegi was to implement curved elements of steel and timber and they have gone to great lengths to ensure that all manufacturing steps are carried out in-house with attention to detail. The resulting precision manufacturing of the steel frames is second to none.

Monolith Coffee Table
A collaboration with acclaimed furniture designer Pavel Vetrov, the Monolith Coffee Table is underpinned with a shared and unwavering belief that good design is achieved when a clever concept and handcrafted engineering collide. Pavel Vetrov’s inspiration for the Monolith Coffee Table was sparked by architecture and the geometric designs of the Bauhaus period. The name for the design came easily for him, aptly titled Monolith after its bold, impressive aesthetic.

The Monolith Coffee Table is a beautiful combination of sleek lines and soft curves. Practical for everyday life, the tables can be used as stand-alone pieces or configured together to create a unique layout to suit any lifestyle. The refined shape of the Monolith complements a wide variety of interior styles and automatically elevates a space. 

The tables are defined by a sense of drama and awe, with carefully considered detailing and balanced proportions, creating three comfortably functional pieces which can be combined to form a coffee table or used singularly as a bedside table or as the perfect side table companion to a favourite lounge chair.

Winning the European Design Award 2019, Hegi Design House continually pushes the boundaries when it comes to materiality. Searching for the most natural and organic resources available to them, the Monolith Coffee Table marks a new direction for the designers, introducing woodworking into their repertoire of metal furniture designs. 

For more information on the sizes and finishes of the Monolith series, take a look here
The Coulee Daybed will be launching soon, with more designs in the works. Keep up to date by following Hegi Design House on Instagram 

Image credits
Styling: Studio CD
Photographer: Pablo Veiga
Location: Dovecote (The Range) 

Images courtesy of Hegi Design House

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