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Cobild Office by Mim Design


Located amongst the eclectic charm of Melbourne’s inner city suburb of Cremorne, Cobild Office by Mim Design is a textural exploration of light and transparency. An expansive use of mesh cladding to the building's exterior by architect Fieldwork sets the tone for an inspired design narrative, with the newly built space offering a seamless, visceral experience from the outside in.

Conceived as an embodiment of Cobild’s ethos – ‘building a relationship for life’ – Mim Design’s interior philosophy was driven by four signatures: communication, connection, honesty and teamwork. With this in mind, clear sightlines, visual connection and the circulation of space informed the spatial configuration. A hand-stitched tobacco leather wall beckons upon entry, warmly greeting visitors in the reception area and informing colour accents throughout. Above, a curved, polished plaster ceiling seemingly hovers. Stepped and inset with lighting, its sculptural form is mirrored in the lacquered cylindrical legs of Domo's Bold console by Frank Chou. Opposite, an Agent 86 Sofa from Grazia & Co sits on Halcyon Lake’s Trenza sisal rug, a textural invitation that riffs off the leather wall. The Studio Reggiani floor lamp, mirrored Block coffee table by Nanda Vigo and Planula chairs are metallic touches that speak to an air of quiet luxury.

Finding resolve between the raw and the refined, a coherent mix natural stone, powder coated metal, concrete, leather and timber confidently unites. With consistent affinity between the interior and exterior architectural form, white perforated screens throughout not only afford an abundance of natural light but also reflect the transparency that underpins Cobild’s core values. Lively variations of pattern in Bianco Neve terrazzo and heavily veined Fior de Pesco marble are tempered by a clean tonal palette of grey and white, while layered texture in accents of burnt orange and tobacco act as key focal points.

A considered curation of textured materiality in the open plan environment encourages transparency and authenticity, both literal and philosophical, acting as a device to guide a clear path through the space. Two custom stone island benches in the communal kitchen invite congregation, their monolithic form declaring time for social connection and conviviality. Linear angles are softened by curved leather stools from Grazia & Co, and the organic form of ceramics from House of Orange and Modern Times.

The Mim Design addition of a perforated central staircase floods both work floors with natural light and is an important architectural gesture that reinforces the idea of connection and communication.

Photography by Peter Clarke

This highly personalised realisation of Cobild’s ethos has resulted in an environ that inspires, long after the business day is done. Mim Design’s considered narrative successfully marries the exterior and interior, embodying thoughtful transparency through built form. A space that encourages openness and authenticity, it encourages productive collaboration and enables employees to thrive.

Images courtesy of Mim Design 

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