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The Oak Kitchens by Nordiska Kök


For their latest project, Nordiska Kök have created two bespoke oak kitchens inspired by nature and today's modern lifestyle. Showcasing two beautiful yet very different kitchen designs, these reflect Nordiska Kök's signature process of creating kitchens specifically to suit their customers' needs and visions. 

— The Painted Oak —

This linear, nature-inspired oak kitchen has been painted in a moody dark blue colour, where the oak shines through and creates a surface that catches the light. Bespoke shelf cabinets in dark-stained oak create an interesting contrast to the blue, and feature some open shelves in the mix for displaying beautiful kitchen books and accessories. Working harmoniously with both the blue and dark-stained oak, the limestone countertop adds further texture while enhancing the modern feel of the kitchen.

— The Urban Oak —

Featuring clean lines, where the minimalist light meets the warm, rustic tone of the oak, the second kitchen is both personal and timeless. Push open cabinets in an in-frame design, along with bespoke cabinets, create enough storage for even compact spaces, making it ideal for the urban apartment. Open shelves provide the opportunity to create a personal expression, and the countertop, a sand-coloured Jura limestone, harmonises with the warm oak and creates an interesting contrast to the painted light-coloured cabinets.

Styling by Caroline Sandström / Photography by Andrea Papini

Once again Nordiska Kök has left me feeling so inspired, and wanting a new kitchen! I love that they always deliver such beautiful solutions while adhering to a strong Nordic aesthetic, incredible attention to detail and beautiful material palettes. 

If you're keen to see more, check out a couple of their other recently completed projects here and here. 

Images courtesy of Nordiska Kök

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