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Friday Design Selects


Kicking off with Fall news from Muuto, the Danish brand has announced a new collaboration with Copenhagen-based sustainable designers Aiayu. Spanning across the designs of Layer Cushion, Rhythm Throw, Twine Cushion and Ample Throw, the series of textiles is designed by Aiayu with traditional craftsmanship, refined materials and an elegant expression, all in a soft, baby llama wool material. Aside from its incredible softness, the beauty of Baby llama wool is that it has a high breathability and insulation capacity, is hypoallergenic and highly durable. Discover the full collection here.

Designed by Benjamin Hubert, an award-winning British design entrepreneur, and founder of creative agency, LAYER, the new Strand Pendant Lamp is designed with soft, playful forms for a modern expression. Made in a sprayed cocoon material that consists of tiny strands with an almost cloud-like appearance that hovers lightly in space, the material filters light through for a warm glow.  The Strand Pendant lamps come in three sizes (closed) and two sizes (open). See more here.

The stunning new Ridge Vase designed by Helsinki-based studio Kaksikko presents a new way to display flowers. Featuring a refined dent that flowers to stand upright, this also provides a subtle handle when moving the vase from one room to another. Available in two colours and sizes, I love how this vase combines a clean lines with sculptural elements. 

See all of the new releases visit

Images courtesy of Muuto

My obsession with the Vipp Kitchen  has just gone up another notch with the introduction of a new colour, light grey. This year, the company has welcomed both new materials and colours into its universe and now the Vipp kitchen is following suit. “After introducing soft and subtle designs into our universe by launching the furniture collection, we find it natural to add this soothing colour approach on the Vipp kitchen,” explains Vipp Chief Designer, Morten Bo Jensen. Beautiful! 

You can find out more about Vipp here and on their website

Images courtesy of Vipp

Massproductions has invited the artist Åsa Stenerhag to collaborate on their installation Alien Autopsy which opened on 14 November at their showroom in Stockholm. The installation is created in conjunction with the launch of the Landa table. In the installation, the Landa Table presents a series of stoneware sculptures by artist Åsa Stenerhag in prominent organic forms and textures. The installation title ”Alien Autopsy” is a nod to a controversial short film by Englishman Ray Santillis from 1995. The sculptures have been fired after which the ceramic still has the ability to soak up colour. Every sculpture has then been stained by less traditional methods, such as gouache, shoe polish and linseed oil.   

Such an inspiring collaboration, the installation Alien Autopsy will be shown in Massproductions’ showroom until 28 November at Hammaryby Allé 51 in Stockholm.

Images courtesy of Massproductions

Benjamin Ahearn, architect and founder of BACD Studio located in Copenhagen, has recently completed a beautiful piece of Danish design, the Alma Cabinet. Created from a vision of simple but good craftsmanship, built from quality materials, the Alma cabinet plays on the contrast between inside and out using material, colour, light and shadow. The frame is constructed in solid oak with inset rippled glass - obscuring the view to add depth, as well as curiosity. I love this rippled finish and can see it appealing to many, especially in a home context. It can also be made with clear glass, ideal for commercial use when needed to display objects. To create contrast, a series of linseed oil colours have been carefully selected to compliment each. All hardware, including the custom door pulls, are made in solid unfinished brass and will naturally patina over time. By combining different materials and colours it is possible to create many different visual expressions of the same cabinet.

Images courtesy of BACD Studio

Lastly, with something a little closer to home, I have the latest project by Golden to share with you. Quintessentially Australian, with a colour palette drawn from native flora and terrain, Nine Yards is the transformation of a former stable into a destination eatery. Injecting warmth and sophistication through the reference of iconic colours, Golden chose a materiality that encourages a subliminal journey through Australia’s highlands, lowlands and coastal plains. Unexpected finishes, including a custom printed 'Australiana' upholstery from Louise Jones paired with Tasmanian oak veneer and rattan on the banquettes sets the tone for relaxed but refined hospitality. Versatile design transforms Nine Yards from day to night, and café to restaurant, providing an engaging experience that marries food and setting – an authentic yet modern interpretation of site and context.

Photos by Sharyn Cairns

Images courtesy of Golden 

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