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An Elegantly Artful Apartment in Sweden


Stumbling across this stunning apartment via Instagram I headed straight for the real estate listing to see more, and discovered it had already sold. No doubt this was in part due to the incredible styling. As I've always said, the Swedes know how to present homes, hiring the best stylists and photographers, and lately it has been the newly built developments that have been catching my eye. This studio apartment in Gothenburg's Viktoriagatan 19 is characterised by a striking ceiling height and beautiful wood framed windows. Though compact, the open floor plan, high ceilings and natural light create the illusion of more space, and the clean lines have been softened with sheer curtains, tactile surfaces and sculptural furniture. The elegant living area features two standout design pieces, the Fogia Tiki Sofa designed by Andreas Engesvik, and the Etcetera Lounge chair

The apartment's beautiful curation of art, across a cohesive neutral palette, carries through to the bedroom with an impressive gallery wall. 

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