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Dulux Colour Forecast 2019: FILTER


Earlier this week I attended a beautiful breakfast event to celebrate the highly anticipated Dulux Colour Forecast for 2019: FILTER. With guest speaker Bree Leech, the Melbourne-based Creative Director for the Dulux Forecast, we were presented with four carefully curated themes; Repair, Wholeself, Legacy and Identity. A stunning compilation that aims to encourage self-expression and creativity, Filter is a multi-faceted collection that draws together soothing neutrals, exhilarating brights and deep, decadent hues that hint at the grace of a bygone era. Rules are there to be broken, rather than following any prescribed formula. The focus, instead, is on creating joyful spaces that nourish our souls.

Wholeself palette featuring wall in Dulux Silver Thaw and ceiling in Milton 

“This year’s theme, Filter, speaks to our collective craving for individuality and personal expression,” says Dulux Colour Expert, Davina Harper. “It helps us mindfully tap out all the distractions and focus on the things that move and inspire us. “Our confidence with colour is growing, and with this the drive to create spaces that reflect our history, hopes and dreams. Mindful consumption is a key theme for 2019 and we can expect to see a paring back of the unnecessary and a greater emphasis on repurposing and reimagining objects surrounding us. The result is a new kind of bespoke where the traditions of the past are celebrated in dynamic and modern ways.”

Here's a look at the four themes....

The minimalist feel, holistic ideas and peaceful colour palette of WHOLESELF make this one my favourite.  With a never-ending stream of information pulling us in different directions every time we reach for our smart phones or open our laptops, the need for stillness and quiet has never been stronger. The Wholeself palette draws together gentle shades of mauve-grey, powdery pinks and touches of gold to create serene, calming interiors that allow us to take a breath and tune back into our own rhythm. The tones have a soft, light feel with subtle layerings of texture. A palette to ignite the senses and revive a tired spirit, it's also easy to decorate with these soft whites and warm neutrals.

Wholeself palette featuring wall in Dulux Muriwai, niche in Hopelands and ceiling in Cardrona 

Wholeself palette featuring wall in Dulux Jacks Point and ceiling in Cardrona

Wholeself palette featuring wall in Dulux Silver Thaw and ceiling in Milton

Wholeself palette featuring wall in Dulux Wainui Beach and ceiling in Cardrona / The Space in Between Trees original artwork by Kathryn Dolby, Modern Times

Wholeself palette featuring wall in Dulux Shetland Lace Half and ceiling in Titahi Bay 

The spaces we occupy tell a story – one that speaks not just of our past, but also the history of those who came before us. Timeless yet thoroughly modern, the LEGACY palette is a nod to the elegant past and present, combining eclectic patterns and block colour. A palette to push creative boundaries, Legacy features saturated colour in warm hues of pale pinks, lilacs and mauves, with accents of red, blue and green to punctuate the scheme. With a stunning mix of old and new architecture this home provides the perfect backdrop. I love the way Bree uses a tonal effect to accentuate the colours and express the ideas around this theme. 

Legacy palette featuring the front wall in Dulux West Plains, rear wall in Purple Verbena and ceiling in St Clair Quarter

Legacy palette featuring wall in Dulux Purple Verbena and ceiling in St Clair Quarter 

Legacy palette featuring rear wall in Dulux Shepherd's Warning, console in Federation Brown, right wall in Pink Linen Half and ceiling/trims in St Clair Quarter / Orphelia Ritual One art print, Figgoscope Curates

Legacy palette featuring wall in Dulux Deep Aqua and ceiling/trips in St Clair Quarter

Legacy palette featuring door in Dulux Pohutu Geyser and exterior in Dulux Epsom

Another theme that really resonates with me in terms of mindfulness, the REPAIR palette reflects our desire to reconnect with nature and form a deeper understanding of our place in the world through a collection of earthy neutrals, rich greens and spicy notes of cinnamon and sienna. A cocooning palette that’s very much grounded in nature – it hints at personal growth and fresh beginnings - Repair takes its cues from our need to examine our consumption and waste, favouring vintage, sustainable, repurposed and recyclable products. “I love Repair's muted, tonal combinations and slightly off-beat,vintage feel. It sets a warm, nurturing mood in a space and creates the perfect backdrop for timber, leather and unusual collectibles,” says Davina. Inspired by Kintsugi, the centuries-old art of repairing ceramics with gold lacquer which Bree said they saw in Milan, the palette features subtle gold accents, a beautiful pairing with the warm brown tones. 

Repair palette featuring wall in Dulux Otarara and background wall in Big Lagoon

Repair palette featuring wall in Dulux Kohokohuni and ceiling in Cardrona / Vessel in Monochrome original artwork by Antoinette Ferwerda, Antoinette Ferwerda

 Repair palette featuring main wall in Dulux Cobbler, wall above brick in Cape Colville and ceiling in Cardrona (Cabinetry similar to Big Lagoon) / Asparagus & Carrots original artworks by Ali Wood, Fenton & Fenton

Repair palette featuring wall in Dulux Manaia / Slipstream original artwork by Stefan Gevers, Studio Stefan Gevers

Repair palette featuring wall in Dulux Auburn Flair

Repair palette featuring rear wall in Dulux Hidden Depths and right wall in Big Lagoon

Repair palette featuring wall in Dulux Riverton / Antares original artwork by Antoinette Ferwerda, Antoinette Ferwerd

The IDENTITY palette speaks to the rule breaker in all of us. Clashing patterns, quirky combinations and no-holds-barred brights come to the fore, bringing with them a sense of optimism and cheer.“Featuring striking blues, purples and shades of citrus, this palette encourages you to incorporate a playful side into your décor,” says Davina. “These colours command you to be brave and experiment with unique looks in the home. They translate particularly well in the bedroom – a nurturing space that’s all about you. Paint the door, a piece of furniture or a feature nook in a bright and invigorating shade and watch the room come to life.” I've aways had a soft spot for yellow - it's such a bright and happy colour and I love how Bree has styled the dining space below, with bold graphics and edgy art. I can't help but put my minimalist tendencies aside and feel inspired by this room! 

Identity palette featuring rear wall in Dulux Tata Beach and front wall in Roxburgh / Mustard original painting by Stacey Rees, Modern Times / Sculpture 13 original sculpture by Mark Alsweiler, Modern Times

Identity palette featuring left wall in Dulux Southern Alps, feature wall in Manapouri and Taylors Mistake and stair wall in Waiheke / A Portion For Foxes original painting by Stacey Rees, Modern Times

Identity palette featuring walls in Dulux Southern Alps, centre feature in Massey and right column in Sunbird Orange

An incredible forecast for the year ahead, the four themes provide so much inspiration for invigorating your home with a change of colour. And if you prefer to take a more low-key approach, all these shades go beautifully with Dulux’s Most Loved Whites as well as the neutral greys and greiges that are trending right now. For the perfect finishing touch, just add texture. “Textured paint creates a natural, tactile feel and looks incredible on feature walls, nooks and smaller pieces of furniture or accessories. Once applied, it adds another dimension to colour as the undulation of the texture creates an appealing shadow effect.” Says Davina. And just like that, you’ve taken your home to a whole new level!

To learn more about Dulux's 2019 Colour Forecast or to view the eMag visit

Images styled by Bree Leech / Photography by Lisa Cohen 
Courtesy of Dulux 

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