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Nordic Archipelago by Nordiska Kök


I first introduced you to Swedish brand Nordiska Kök a few months ago with this stunning kitchen. Creators of tailor-made kitchens, the company offers unique solutions to suit different lifestyles. Built with longevity in mind, the kitchens are not only designed to last, they also leave the lightest possible footprint on world resources. Sharing their latest kitchen design with you today, I was immediately drawn to its warm palette, mix of natural materials and interesting textures. 

Inspired by the Nordic Archipelago, the minimalist kitchen features a dark oak frame with hidden handles, resulting in a warm and rustic feel. The steel countertop and kitchen island in light grey Gotland limestone creates a natural contrast to the warm oak. Artfully capturing the changing Nordic landscape, I love how this kitchen fuses contemporary functionality with a timeless aesthetic.

Kitchen designed and custom made by Nordiska Kök

Styling by Sarah Widman / Photography by Bodil Bergqvist

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