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Mono Apartments by Note Design Studio


Located in the centre of Södermalm, Mono Apartments is the first housing project by Note Design Studio for Glommen & Lindberg. Commissioned alongside architect firm Koncept Stockholm, together they are building Mono from scratch by means of a joint creative process that unites each individual element, from the façade cladding through to the interior design. 

A design forward district, Södermalm is recognised for its impressive industrial, modernist architecture, and Mono is firmly planted in the surrounding urban, industrial landscape. With a distinctly Scandinavian feel in terms of functionality, playful solutions and colourful details give it a continental touch.  

In carrying out sustainable interior design around a restricted floor space, Note Design Studio has catered to an increasingly social lifestyle by creating room for many visitors and long meals. The Note designers have ensured that Mono packs function, quality and atmosphere into every square metre. They have also endeavoured to add a contemporary hotel ambiance through inviting corridors and plenty of communal spaces for social interaction. 

A thoughtful, considered design has been applied to every room, providing it with its own distinct character. Highly conscious of the fact that unique solutions and well-integrated interiors are sustainable in the long term, Note have focused the design around site-specific solutions and a distinct style, rather than than passing trends. High quality materials feature throughout and all features and solutions are tailor-made - the choice of wood to every detail such as the individual door handle has been selected to suit its purpose.

"Our aim is to create rooms that signal a certain emotion as you enter. We have to deliver the absolute best and we want to create something that has never been seen in Sweden before when it comes to this kind of project." — Daniel Hecksher, Interior Architect / Partner

Photography by Henrik Nero

The kitchen is designed in collaboration with Asplund, featuring the beautiful Palais Royal Table designed by Anya Sebton and Eva Lilja Löwenhielm. I also love the Flos Taraxacum pendant light. 

Beautiful and functional with so much personality, these apartments showcase compact living at its best. Find out more about the project here

Images via Note Design Studio

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  1. Totally obsessed with the table in the first picture! Thanks for sharing <3

    Millie x



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