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Simon James Design | Monthly Mood Boards


Simon James Design have introduced a new project, Monthly Mood Boards. Created as a way to show appreciation for the individuals that they work alongside, it also shows examples of how the new Mood Board feature on their website can be used. Every month Simon James Design will share a new board created by someone within the field of design, and I was very happy to create one for this month. To see my 'Winter Retreat' mood board, take a look here.  

The Mood Board section has been created to allow users to collate, organise and share projects and ideas online. A place where you can combine products from our website alongside your own uploaded imagery, architectural references and colour swatches. You can realise a project or an aesthetic, big or small, all in one place and share your pages with the people you are working with personally, or professionally. Super easy to navigate through the site and create, I really enjoyed using this wonderful new tool. 

Create your own, or browse examples here.

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  1. Wow really loving this mood board, thanks for sharing x

    Millie x



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