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Dulux | Winter Hues to Inspire Luxurious Minimalism


Offering a luxurious take on the industrial trend, Dulux predicts that a moody palette with warm metallics will dominate interiors during the coming colder months. Promoting raw, pared back beauty, this winter’s colour palette is derived from the 2017 Dulux Colour TrendsConstruct theme. Inspired by the renewed interest in Brutalism combined with the influence of the geometric shapes of the Bauhaus period, Construct offers a minimalist look with a focus on natural materials, structure and form.

Dulux Colour & Design Specialist Davina Harper says that the key paint colours including Boulder Beach, Tirau Double, Moonlight Creek, Narrow Neck Half, Five Fingers Peninsula, Dark Cloud Range, Concrete Effect and Copper Effect can make any space in the home feel modern and contemporary.

“These colours are very diverse and can be used in most interior spaces. Being predominantly neutral, they are extremely accessible, from the lightest variation, Dulux Narrow Neck Half, a soft greige, right through to the darkest hue, Dulux Moonlight Creek, which is an alluring deep blue,” says Davina.

Like me, you may not naturally gravitate to deeper colours, however according to Davina these neutral shades are easy to incorporate without overwhelming a space. Darker hues can create a dramatic backdrop to really highlight furnishings and accessories and truly make a statement. Alternatively, these deeper colours can also be balanced perfectly when paired with lighter schemes.

With tactility being a key element in the winter palette, balancing textures and layering accessories will create a perfect scheme and add another dimension to the space. “Concrete is a multipurpose material that is no longer reserved just for floors or the outdoors.” Adding a Concrete Effect with its cool hue balances out warmer textiles while hints of Copper Effect can create a harmonious and welcoming space.

“Incorporating textured surfaces such as Copper Effect adds further dimension and creates focal points in a predominantly minimalist colour space. This touch of copper is ideal for highlighting architectural details and can also be applied to home accessories,” says Davina.

What I also love about Construct, is that being a somewhat understated colour palette, it allows you to experiment with different neutral colour combinations paired with textures to add interest to a room.

“The dark blues in this palette such as Dulux Moonlight Creek contrast beautifully against a concrete surface whether this be an entire wall, a fireplace or an upcycled piece of furniture. It’s important to remember that these paint colours can be used on a lesser scale too, even the smallest changes can transform a room,” says Davina.

Styling by Bree Leech & Heather Nette King / Photography by Lisa Cohen

For those who may be new to the Dulux forecasts, we are very lucky to have Bree Leech, Creative Consultant and Stylist for Dulux share her tips for every season. Here are her recommendations for winter 2017:

Minimal styling can still have maximum effect. To achieve this, feature interesting bold shapes and a mix of materials such as concrete and metal to create your chic minimal space.

Art is an important styling element in any home and the Construct trend uses it to reinforce the colour scheme, playing on shapes that draw inspiration from the influences of the Brutalism and Bauhaus movements.

Use copper details for a luxurious, rich highlight to juxtapose Construct’s cool colour scheme. It’s okay to mix metal finishes such as silver, platinum & copper - just use a light hand when adding them to the space so they remain a feature finish that enhances but doesn’t take over.

Layer minimal furniture choices with practical side tables, keep to the colour scheme and incorporate forms that work with the architectural style.

Concrete and Copper Effect can be used on furniture details as well as walls to create unique bespoke pieces. Just make sure that if you are upcycling furniture such as a table that you add a glass top to safeguard the paint.

To find out more about the Dulux Construct colour theme including the top interior colours for winter, take a look here

Images courtesy of Dulux 

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  1. Such a beautifully simple, but realistic estimation!! The use of blending together cooler colours and metals would work wonders in any home!! I love it all, thanks for sharing <3

    Millie x



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