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Domo Design


Domo Design is a Swedish furniture brand founded by Johanna Haglund and Mathilda Karlsson. Over the last couple of years I've followed along on Instagram and I'm constantly inspired by their sleek, contemporary steel pieces and beautiful styling. Featuring superb craftsmanship, the collection comprises a range of timeless designs including tables, storage and both indoor and outdoor options. I absolutely love their latest images which were created in a former warehouse. The large windows, white plastered walls and contrasting black tiles provide the perfect setting to showcase their collection including the new Domo Square and Domo Shelf Mini.

Styling by Erica H /  Photography by Osman Tahir

Find out more about Domo and the new collection here

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  1. I love it, no better place to showcase a collection other than a warehouse. The high ceilings and minimalism do this collection/brand justice!! Everything is gorgeous and thanks for sharing x

    Millie x



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