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Still by Jane Denton


As a long-time fan of NZ Textile Artist Jane Denton, it gives me much pleasure to introduce to you her new series, Still. Known for her fresh, unique aesthetic which is created by using wool or cotton stitched on to canvas, Jane's new collection has a serene quality, evoking feelings of peace and calm. She says this was achieved by using a fine cotton together with a muted colour palette.

Life is busy these days and I know the importance of stopping and just being still for a while. I recently spent a weekend away at the beach with a friend to rest and stitch. I was inspired by the colours of the landscape - washed out pale greys and greens and lots of white. - Jane Denton.

Jane's new works are delicate yet visually impactful. Whether displayed alone or as a set of two or more, they create a beautiful focal point in any interior. I know I've said it before, but the textural detail is even more exquisite in real life, and with a mix of both monochrome and soft pinks and greys, the pieces make the perfect addition to a gallery wall. 

Styling & photography by Bonny Beattie 

Visit Jane Denton to see the entire Still Series which is now available to purchase online

Images courtesy of Jane Denton 

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  1. Wow her work is gorgeous! I really love the fact that she gathered inspiration from the landscape! Great find and thanks for sharing x

    Millie x



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