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Considered Aesthetics | An Autumn Showcase


Two small, Melbourne-based businesses, One Fine Print and Anaca Studio have teamed up to present a refreshing retail concept, Considered Aesthetics – An Autumn Showcase, which will run throughout April to June. Located in the heart of Fitzroy, the showroom has a homely vibe with finely-crafted furniture, earthy artisanal objects, and intriguing photographic artworks, designed and made by a collective of local and global creatives and artisans. The beautiful collection is curated by Elizabeth Bull, photographer and owner of One Fine Print, and Anne-Claire Petre, designer and owner of Anaca Studio.

The Considered Aesthetics collection features a selection of Anaca Studio’s bespoke furniture and accessories, a selection of One Fine Print’s unique, photographic artworks, and a curated variety of ceramic and wooden objects from both local and overseas artisans. “Our products complement each other giving the homemaker or interior designer an overall inspiring vision of what they can achieve with their space,” say Elizabeth Bull and Anne-Claire Petre. “The idea behind the collection was to bring together an Australian aesthetic with a global outlook – to showcase diverse and worldly interior design options that reflect the values of our customers, within a casual, welcoming environment. With our shared passion and belief in beautiful, unique design it made sense to collaborate”.

Elizabeth and Anne-Claire have both travelled widely and lived overseas. Through these experiences they have developed a passion for supporting and collaborating with local and global makers and artists. “We feel that Australian style is greatly influenced by the diverse blend of cultures found locally, as well as the cultures people have experienced through travelling. With Considered Aesthetics we wanted to create an inspiring space which reflects this diversity and cultural mix.”

Styling by Ruth Welsby / photography by Elizabeth Bull 

Anne-Claire and Elizabeth believe that bringing considered design elements into our living and work spaces has positive impacts. I couldn't agree more. By curating meaningful everyday environments, they hope that people will feel inspired to put their best feet forward in the world! 

Hoping to visit Melbourne in June, it's definitely on my must-visit list! 

Considered Aesthetics is located at 69 Smith Street, Fitzroy. 

Images courtesy of One Fine Print & Anaca Studio

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  1. I gotta say, those art prints in the photos though, those are showstoppers!

  2. Woow the interior and the styling is soo gorgeous, I'm in love!! Great post and thanks for sharing x

    Millie x



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