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Triiio Tables by Hans Bølling


Originally designed by architect Hans Bølling, the Triiio table collection is being produced for the first time by Danish company Brdr. Krüger. Taken from a rough prototype that Bølling made when living with his parents in 1958 along with his original sketches, the company developed three versions, a coffee, side and dining table. The result is a beautiful mid-century design with a poetic harmony between the simple and the sculptural. Values that are reminiscent of the period when Hans Bølling first sketched the design, the table features a circular glass top set upon beautifully shaped wooden legs, with the two parts attached by hidden magnets. Interestingly, the table was originally designed with a hardwood table top, however Krüger felt that this hid the unique design underneath, and rightly so.

The elegant tinted glass together with brass accents give the tables a contemporary and modern feel. 

Born in 1931 in a small town of Braband in Denmark, Hans Bølling attended an Art and Handcraft School originally to become an advertising designer, however some years later he followed his passion for architecture and graduated as an architect from the Royal Danish Art Academy. He designed a plethora of art works, ranging from dolls and furniture to villas, living complexes and town halls.

The Krüger family has maintained a very close relationship with Bølling for three generations, since the earliest days of his architectural work in the 1950’s. He considers wood a divine material, and the shared passion brought the family and the architect together. 

“It has been an immense joy to experience a sketch and prototype I made when I was 27 years-old in the hands of the skilled craftsmen in Brdr. Krügers workshop; to see them work their magic and witness how simple and elegant amendments have transformed my original sketch into three present-day tables with a timeless quality.” -Hans Bølling

Images via Brdr. Krüger

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