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Homes to Inspire | Spacious Yet Cosy


I'm a big fan of the kitchen island but this open space is glorious. A great home for a party don't you think? The large window lets in plenty of light and floor to ceiling cabinetry makes great use of the vertical space. Herringbone flooring adds texture and warmth to the all white walls and is carried through to the rest of the home. Grey, dark green and brown accents provide further warmth, while natural materials and like leather, wool and sheepskins give the living area a cosy feel. There is also a lovely mix of black and white art prints indoor plants. What's not to love?! 

Styling by Scandinavian Homes / Photography by @kronfoto

Images via Karlsson Uddare

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  1. Love it, the open plan is beautiful and there's just the right amount of plants x

    Millie x

  2. This place is gorgeous. I totally agree with you: this place would be great for a party. I love the big window in the kitchen: it brings so much light into the room.


    Renaud |

  3. The green accents are unbelievable and that light! Definitely is the key to it all.

  4. That green just stands out so much, so darn lovely!

    xx, Cleshawn |



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