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Dulux Colour Forecast 2017


Yesterday I attended the exciting Dulux Colour Trends 2017 launch. Coinciding with my recently appointed role as a Brand Advocate for Dulux NZ, I couldn't wait to find out more about what's in store for the coming year. Presenting a collection of globally inspired hues, saturated combinations, a cool tonal palette as well as colours that promote tactility and warmth, the 2017 Dulux Colour Trends ‘Antidote: A Colour Cure’ comprise four carefully curated themes: Sentience, Chroma, Entwine and Construct. 

Sentience Palette 

Sentience, the first of the four themes is one that immediately struck a chord. Inspired by this yearning to create a tactile environment, the Sentience palette promotes harmony through its subtle pastels and soft neutrals including Dulux colours, Mt Albert and Glinks Gully Double.

Sentience Palette 

The images incorporate amazing textures in washed earth tones with the use of Dulux Suede Effects. An incredible new product which will be available in NZ from December, I love how it provides another dimension to this scheme by imitating earth’s natural materials such as clay, minerals, stone and wood.  

Sentience Palette 

The incredible imagery speaks volumes but it's always insightful to hear about the inspiration behind the trends. A year of extensive research including a visit to the Milan Fair to confirm the final palette is all part of the process undertaken by Dulux colour experts; Andrea Lucena-Orr who was over from Melbourne for the launch, and Auckland-based Davina Harper. Developed with the expertise of stylists Bree Leech and Heather Nette King we even got to see a glimpse of the moodboards curated during this time which emphasised design inspired by texture, deep blues and the evoloution of 'greiges'.

Motivated by the desire to combat the modern we face in the digital age, the Dulux 2017 Colour Trends, ‘Antidote’, aim to offer a remedy for the senses through colour and texture. “Each year we take away an overarching concept from our research and in 2017 the emphasis on connection, tactility and balance prevails. There is an ongoing desire to create havens that cater to all our senses which will see the prominence of textures blended with muted hues next year,” says Davina. “Deeper blues such as Dulux Kea Point are predicted to be the dominant colours in 2017 and we will also see a rise in the popularity of earthy greens such as Dulux Dusky Forest. Greys and greiges which have evolved to feature subtle undertones will also be in demand.”

Construct Palette

With a heavier focus on texture, the Construct palette inspires pared back beauty with the inclusion of industrial influences and metallic accents. Created using new additions to the Dulux Design Effects range including Dulux Concrete Effect and Dulux Metallic Effect, these provide an effortless way to bring tactility into the home. Deep inky blues add further interest.

Entwine Palette

Reds with a burnished edge will also emerge as a trend next year, influenced by the mix of tribal and themes which prominently feature in global design and interiors. Reflecting this trend, Entwine, a palette that embraces the idea of connection and takes its cues from the simplicity of weaving, features an eclectic interior style incorporating rich shades that are deep, yet earthy and unique. Inspired by landscapes from South America to the Middle East, colours such as red, burgundy, brown and oranges are combined with an unexpected twist of zesty yellow or blue. 

Chroma Palette

The last of the four themes, Chroma is a striking palette that takes inspiration from the Memphis and Bauhaus movements. Peach, melon, yellow and teal hues are combined with optical illusions, layered materials and reflections.

Whether you paint a whole room or a small nook, add a little colour or a deeper dimension with texture, this incredible offering of colours from the 2017 Dulux Colour trends delivers a simple, yet effective way to add personality and ambiance to your homes.

For the complete forecast including colour references, take a look at the Dulux e-mag

Styling by Bree Leech and Heather Nette King / Photography by Lisa Cohen 

Images courtesy of Dulux 

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