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IVY MUSE Botanical Emporium


Melbourne-based botanical wares studio IVY MUSE have opened the doors to their inredible new Emporium space. Launched on Friday, the design-driven space houses the entire collection of IVY MUSE plant stands and products, including their latest collection Boheme. This is complemented by pots, plants (in abundance!) and a curated collection of homewares sourced locally and around the globe, all with a botanical-lean to them. These include Bonnie & Neil, Studio TwocanKaren Walker JewelleryArmadillo and Co.Zakkia, Miniscapes, Sophie Moran, Amanda Dziedzic and more!

Designed by talented IVY MUSE founders Alana Langan and Jacqui Vidal, the 65sqm store fit out includes a four-metre high, 24 carat gold-plated feature display wall as well as hand-blown lighting by local glass artist Amanda Dziedzic. The team have also worked closely with Aarden Design and Yard Furniture to bring their vision to life with custom joinery throughout. Buttery oak flooring by Godfrey Hirst connect visitors with nature and the elements that lend themselves to botanical co-existence whilst a hand crafted installation by paper artist Amanda May Lee has been commissioned adorn the space.

With a beautiful, gallery-like feel, the IVY MUSE Botanical Emporium will invite artists who produce original ‘botanical inspired’ works to exhibit and maintain a presence over six weeks. Robert Bowers who has been selected as the lead artist is currently exhibiting his stunning works, with further announcements to be made on subsequent artist exhibitions.

Styling by Alana Langan - Hunt & Bow / Photography by Annette O’Brien 

A truly unique showroom concept that is both holistic and inspiring, I love that the emporium brings together the work of so many like minded botanical designers and artisans. I can't wait to visit next time I'm in Melbourne!  

The IVY MUSE Botanical Emporium is located at 1250 High Street, Armadale (VIC). For opening hours take a look here

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  1. Esther Navarro - Orejon, The Project Agency24 August 2016 at 15:15

    Thank you Michelle, we appreciate your support of Ivy Muse and look forward to hosting you in the breathtaking space on your next visit to Melbourne.

  2. Thanks Esther, I can't wait to see it in real life! x

  3. Good luck to Ivy Muse, it all looks so inviting and fresh! I used to totally overlook the power of plants in an interior (thinking it was just something for outdoors, or on the windowsill, maybe!), but lately I've been realising how much it does inside a home. I find some plants quite pricy but I think it's probably worth the investment if it makes your home feel as beautiful as these guys have portrayed!!? :)




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