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Danish design company &Tradition have launched the 721 Grams Candle Holder designed by Isabell Gatzen. The Zurich based designer draws on her work with consumer electronics, working with premium natural products to create simple minimalist designs that are also playful and engaging. True to its name, 721 Grams is made of high quality, hand polished brass. This together with a design that encourages interaction -  the candleholder can be twisted, stacked or unstacked into any type of configuration - makes for a aesthetically beautiful and tactile object for the home. 

Images via &Tradition

I'm very excited to introduce you to the new collection Leinen 2016 by Jennifer + Smith today. The Sydney-based Kiwi design duo have drawn inspiration from the German Bauhaus movement with their new range of linen cushions and throws. Consisting of beautiful bold shapes and gorgeous colourways, these timeless pieces have arrived just in time for winter. Knowing firsthand how important the quality of fabric is to Jennifer + Smith I wasn't surprised to hear they had sourced something special for the new collection. The natural Wexford Linen, born and and woven in Lancashire, UK is an effortlessly natural fabric that they say won them over at first touch. Reflecting their mindful ethos and dedication to supporting local business, the collection has been direct-to-fabric digitally printed in Alexandria, Sydney, and is sewn in house at the Jennifer + Smith studio. 

Styling by Jennifer + Smith / Photography by Francoise Baudet

Danish designer and artist Kristina Krogh has launched a beautiful new collection of art prints. It's hard to choose but here a few of my favourites, including the Behind Blinds prints. Part of the Shades series featuring thin water colour lines, Kristina says they are "an interpretation of the interaction between light and shadow and the various changes in shapes and stories that emerge according to where and how the light falls." I'm also drawn to the incredible collection of serigraphs made from original artworks with thousands of dots made by hand. In particular, the gold metallic variations Sphere and Gather. See all of the new prints here

Styling by Sofie Brunner / Photography by Enok Holsegård 

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  1. Great design! Thanks for sharing! Continue the great work.
    Best, MODENOVA I

  2. Loving Kristina's prints! They look amazing x

    Millie x



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