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Penney + Bennett Launch The Night Dynasty | Part One


Today Penney + Bennett have launched their highly-anticipated second collection, The Night Dynasty. Inspired by an open-air overnight stay in the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, India, Penney + Bennett founders Loren Marks and Sarah Carson say the designs are informed by the celestial sky and the moon worshipping inhabitants that have thrived in the harsh landscape of the Thar Desert for centuries. Bringing the vision to life by way of luxurious silk and linen pieces for the home, the new collection is truly exquisite.

The first of two posts, I am so excited to be sharing a selection of The Night Dynasty with you today. Thinking back to my initial preview of the collection, I was not only blown away by the beautiful new designs and colour palette, I was amazed at the size of the collection, which is designed by Loren and Sarah and made here in NZ. To showcase the expansive range, the launch posts reveal two room settings, beginning today with the living room.

Taking queues from the low-level seating seen in India, the rich textures and vibrant colours look amazing against the daybed and neutral setting. The new designs feature stunning blue-green hues and gorgeous monochrome variations. I can't get enough of the beautiful fringed throws, which together with the cushions create endless combinations for the ultimate relaxed yet luxurious lounging experience. Each design is available in both linen and silk. Take your pick, or combine the two as I have done here!  

Styling and photography by Michelle Halford for TDC 

Stay tuned for the second post, a bedroom setting, which will include the incredible new linen bedding, and gold gilded art prints. The Night Dynasty is now available to purchase from Penney + Bennett and selected stockists.  

Additional Items:
Transition and The Quiet Within Fine Art GiclĂ©e Prints - The Indigo Series by Mini Grandi Artist 
White Dipped Belly Basket - Olli Ella 
Menu Flip Around Table and Norm Thermo Jug - LET LIV
411 Floor Light by Lampe Gras - Simon James Design
Safari Daybed - Dunlin
Flowers - Bloom Social

This is a sponsored post. I only work with products I love and all opinions are my own. For more information please visit my About Page

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  1. Very nice pictures, I specially like the black and white design posters.



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