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Tea Time


While I am most definitely a coffee lover through and through, I'm not opposed to the odd cup of tea. This especially applies in winter, when I've had my coffee quota for the day and am in need of a soothing, hot drink. There are so many delicious herbal, caffeine-free varieties around, and recently I've acquired some beautiful samples from both T2 and Storm & India. With that said, I think it's about time I invested in a lovely teapot so that I can truly enjoy the ritual, and feel good about serving visitors who stop by for a cuppa. The Glass Teapot by Menu has always been high on my wishlist, and though still a favourite, lately I have been drawn to other styles, such as the classic Japanese-inspired cast iron varieties. They sit beautifully in a Scandinavian-style setting, as these images demonstrate.

Styling by Sabine Burkunk and photography by Hans Mossel via VT Wonen

Via Vipp

Tetsubin (the name for Japanese cast iron pots) are considered the best vessels for tea brewing, as the cast iron distributes the heat evenly to extract the full flavour and health benefits of the tea. Furthermore, their heat-retaining properties keep tea at a proper serving temperature for up to an hour. In Japan, the graceful, elegant Tetsubin vessels are treasured family heirlooms, handed down through the generations.

Via Fantastic Frank

Styling by Emma Wallmén and Photography by Emily Laye via Fantastic Frank

Via Illums Bolighus

Thanks to talented artist, interior stylist and designer Leila Budjen for this next discovery. I really love the shape and colour of her stoneware clay teapot, designed by ceramic artist Jonas Lindholm.

Styling by Leila Budjen, Ligne Studio

Taking inspiration from these beautiful teapots and gorgeous styling, I've rounded up some online finds. 

FYI - in search of a Cast Iron Teapot closer to home, I also found this beautiful range in NZ and this one in Australia.

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  1. I have always loved tea and those teapots made me think how they can change the experience and add more pleasure to drinking tea! The designs are excellent. Ceramic teapots are traditional but never fail to give a unique experience that makes me look forward to teatime. :)

  2. Does anyone know what brand chairs the black spindle back chairs are in the kitchen by Fantastic Franks?

    1. I actually have these chairs, I love them! They are the J104 chairs by HAY. Here is the link:
      x Michelle



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