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Feist Forest


Feist Forest is a new UK-based furniture brand that centres around wooden work tables, handcrafted for independent minds and makers. Prior to launching, founder Vicki Turner, who has a degree in Product and Furniture design, spent years exploring the world working in various creative fields. During her travels it was the humble table that gathered many curious people together. Stories and ideas revealed across it, things made and sculpted upon it. On her return home to Devon 14 years later, she wished to collaborate with like-minded folk to build simple, considered and life-long products to support the very people that make life so interesting. After a year working as an illustrator by day and furniture designer by night, with the help of Ben Algar, a highly talented furniture maker and a wood carver, Feist Forest was born. 

Their first table design, The Ashling, is absolutely stunning. Made from home-grown British Ash, a beautiful grained hardwood, the attention to detail and finishes are exquisite. The two colours, which work in perfect unison, were actually selected to reflect the wooden Ash stem and black buds seen in winter. Each of the tables are supplied with an information label, which names the woodland and the exact location of where your wood comes from.

Your Feist Forest table will be a trusty steed. Ignoring passing trends, our tables are designed and built to last, focusing on the simplicity of design and the quality of craftsmanship and construction.

Highly recommended for his talent, skills and passion for wood, Ben has been honing his craft for the last 10 years, in industrial projects, in the workshop or studying the art of wood carving in Finland. Ben handcrafts Feist Forest tables in small batches at his workshop near Cublington, Bedfordshire. Each table is made with a high level of care and precision.

Together, albeit in different locations, Vicki and Ben make wooden work tables to bring independent minds, skills and positive ideas together. A wooden table with creativity and nature at its core. Not factory-made but handcrafted, one at a time, in the UK. A table for the vagabonds, dreamers and makers who courageously make great ideas happen. 

How gorgeous is the styling location and Vicki's illustrations on the wall? Lovingly referred to as the Tin Tabernacle, the home of Feist Forest is currently undergoing renovations to bring it back to its former glory. The studio doors will open later in the year for those who wish to book a visit.

Find out more about the Ashling Tables including information regarding the company's sustainable practices here. Currently shipping within the UK, email if you live outside of this area and are interested in ordering one of the tables. For detailed delivery information, take a look here. To keep up to date with studio happenings and new projects, sign up to the Newsletter.

Images courtesy of Feist Forest

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