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Launched in July of this year, TheTwentyTwo is an interior, design and lifestyle brand offering simple, yet beautifully essential items for the home. Based out of Australia, the online space brings simplicity, beauty, quality and affordability together, extending from the wardrobe to the living room, to dining room and kitchen. With over 500 unique products available, I had my work cut out for me selecting some to share with you today!

Co-Founders and sisters Vicki and Jennifer Lee created TheTwentyTwo to offer a new space that could enable their love of art, fashion, nature, cooking, pottery, ceramics and homeware to blend into one. Formerly a lawyer, Vicki's diverse career path led her to owning a women's fashion label before launching the family-owned online store. She also holds a strong personal passion for painting, developed and extended by her fianc√© Tedd O’Donnell, featuring collaborations and further work due to be exhibited in the near future. Intelligent and creative, Vicky has a strong vision for TheTwentyTwo that is both beautiful and inspiring:

"The landscape of fashion and life is in constant flux, bombarding our visual horizon with aspirational imagery. A trillion snapshots of how life could be, how it should be, if only we could get there. Every now and then, we stop and breath release, and imagine a world in white - a world stripped of clutter and excess. This place I am describing is home of TheTwentyTwo.”

Understated yet carefully considered, TheTwentyTwo aesthetic is one that I was immediately drawn to. Their vast range of products are showcased across four different collections: Bottles, Mini Bake, Raw Wood and French Countryside

Vicki kindly answered a couple of questions for us today... 

Where does the name TheTwentyTwo come from?

The number twenty-two has a simple euphonious presence in our opinion. It is a beautiful sound in itself. We love the number twenty-two because it is so balanced, even and still.

It represents the brands aspiration of simplicity, consistency and beauty. We created TheTwentyTwo space for people to enjoy simplicity in all its immense power. TheTwentyTwo is a lifestyle brand where we see art as a way of life, a way of seeing the world around you , not as a canvas on the wall alone.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Ted and I draw inspiration from each others work in the same way we learn from each other in everyday life. Our tempo's are pretty much opposite but after a small amount of time together we always merge into one strong pulse down the middle.

Ted's is like the big log you put in the fire to keep it going, consistently, all night long. And I am like the leaves and bark you put on the top to get the sparks going immediately but momentarily. Together, we make a pretty strong flame and inspire each other in our separate work as well as our work together. Ted has a precision and eye for detail that is annoyingly perfectionist.

Here are a few more of my favourites from TheTwentyTwo Living Section, where you'll also find luxurious bedding and many gorgeous gift ideas. 

Of course there is much more on offer! TheTwentyTwo ships worldwide, with free shipping on all orders over $200. Make sure you sign up to receive news and updates, and follow along on Facebook and Instagram

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