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The Bed Head | Ideas and Inspo


Due to my love of minimalism, I prefer a simple white headboard, or none at all. However these recent finds have me re-thinking that, especially the first two. Simple DIY creations, the floating headboards not only define the space, but add warmth by way of natural wood. Install an over-hanging pendant light or some shelves directly to the board - the Normann Copenhagen Pocket Organiser is perfect - and voila, you have a very cool bed head feature. 

Images: 1 | 2 

The bedrooms below are cosy and inviting thanks to their fabric covered headboards which add contrast and texture. I really like the simple white, wide headboard in the last image because it provides the perfect ledge for a cage light. 

Images: 1 | 23 

In terms of interior styling, I usually think of the wall at the head of the bed as a blank canvas for adding artwork or a shelf. Unless of course there is a window like in our room. But these next images provide some new ideas, such as painting the wall in a block colour or two-tone combo, wallpapering in a graphic print or installing pieces of plywood to add warmth and contrast. I love the white painted brick wall in the room below. So spacious, the bed has actually been pulled out from the wall allowing for two lamps to be placed behind. 

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 

Clean lines frame the beautiful statement lamp below, and then quite possibly my favourite of all, a recessed wall providing a clever headboard alternative that doubles as a shelf. 

Images: 1 | 2 

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  1. Wow, every one of these is beautiful! I love the simplicity and how calming and relaxing a bedroom like this would be.



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