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Metal Shelving | New Finds


I know what you're thinking... why is Michelle doing another post on shelving so soon? Well, it's because I've come across some cool new finds, and truth be told I'm a little obsessed with shelves. While the classic Scandinavian shelving systems that I wrote about here will always have my heart, there are clever new designs popping up regularly that are too good not to share. All made from steel, here are my latest design crushes.

The Antologia bookshelf by Italian company Studio 14 is a stainless steel, modular system that consists of one or more modules configured on the wall. They can also be placed in the corners as shown above, and overlapping. With endless compositions and a cool geometric aesthetic, I would love to have one of these to play with!

While it was the lacquered copper of this boltless shelving system that immediately caught my eye, its minimalist form and construction is what makes CLICK by Berlin-based design company New Tendency so unique. Cleverly designed by Sigurd Larsen, only four screws are required to fix it together, and the shelves are simply hung up without any tools. Easy to assemble, with a lovely visual lightness, it also comes in white powder coated steel.

Danish company Vipp is all about beautiful design and functionality, so it comes as no surprise that their minimal shelving system is a winner. Available in black or white powder coated aluminium, in both large and small, these gorgeous images demonstrate how they can be utilised in any room of the home.

Of course you can always count on Ikea to provide a cheaper option, and in this case, it's the Botkyrka shelves, introduced in February of this year. Made from steel, they have a simple design, making them both sleek and practical.

Available in grey, white and yellow, I love how the talented Joyce from My Dubio has styled the Ikea Botkyrka shelves in her kitchen. Painting the grey ones to match her wall, the black on black effect makes the shelves almost disappear and her gorgeous collection of kitchenware and accessories pop.

Which one takes your fancy? 

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  1. WOW. That first lot is sooo striking

  2. I'd love that top corner one for Paolo's room! It's really small and would be perfect for the space…! Great finds Michelle. xx



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