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Interior Styling | Two-Toned Wood


I'm sorry for not posting on Friday as promised. Our home was photographed for one of my favourite NZ magazines on Thursday, which I'll let you know about in due course. It was a great day, but come Friday I was playing catch up, and organising my son's fourth birthday which was yesterday. All in all a great week, but rather exhausting!

Today's topic came about because I recently had to decide whether to choose oak or walnut legs on some chairs, to go with my kids new white desks. As you can tell from our home I love pale wood. Commonly used in Scandinavian design, and beautifully suited to a monochrome palette, it was my first choice for flooring, furniture and smaller accents for our new build, and I'm continually adding to this by way of candle holders and other decorative pieces. There is however a part of me that's drawn to darker wood. Walnut accents provide a striking contrast with white interiors, while dark wood floors always make me swoon.

But what about mixing different types of wood and colour varieties? I know that sometimes this is inevitable, say when you buy a home that has a certain type of timber flooring, and your furniture is a different colour. You may be wanting to white-wash your floors or go out and buy all new furniture, but that's not always possible! Today I want to show you that there are no rules, it's okay to mix things up, and in fact it can look amazing.   

Even though I have a walnut console and light fitting in the downstairs living room where the kids desks are, I went with oak legs. Before I made the decision however, I did a bit of research. The first image of the kitchen caught my eye over the weekend. There's a real mix of wood going on, with lighter flooring, dark panelling on the kitchen island and even some plywood. The addition of dipped stools, completes the overall look. 

Blonde and walnut woods are at either ends of the spectrum, but the images above show how it can be done. I especially like the pale floors and darker furniture. Combining wood colours that have even subtle differences can also work well, as demonstrated in the images below. 

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 

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  1. I love using different timbers in my home and find that I like contrast best. That way it doesnt look like I have tried to 'match' the timbers and gotten it wrong!

  2. I love that first image! Would love a kitchen like that!



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