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Lighting | Local News


It's always great to hear of international design brands making it our shores. Being a complete sucker for beautiful lighting, I was excited to discover some news in this area. You may have already heard of Huset, being that they are the leading supplier of Danish and European designed furniture in Melbourne. They also stock an amazing range of lights, one of which is the Bell Pendant Lamp, designed by the Danish duo Andreas Lund and Jacob Rudbeck for Normann Copenhagen.  

The pendant light has an iconic bell shape, and is available in two sizes. I absolutely love the colour choices of grey and sand. I just can't get enough of these muted tones right now. An ideal light source in various interior spaces, the Bell Lamps look amazing hung over the dining table either solo or in a pair. They are also beautifully suited to kitchens, where you could hang a few, or as way of illuminating a large hall or office space.

This is just one of a range of sought after international designer lighting brands on offer at Huset. To see the full range, including more pendant lighting, floor lamps and desk lights, take a look here

Next up, I'm very pleased to announce that Plumen is now available in NZ. The UK brand has developed a range of designer energy efficient light bulbs and accessories, including the Plumen 001, which has won a range of awards for its design. Lasting eight times longer than your standard incandescent lamp, it has a really unique and interesting look, which you may recognise from the images below.

Images via my Pinterest

Designed by Samuel Wilkinson for HULGER, you can find out more about these lights and where to buy them here

This leads me to my next introduction, Mister Mister, a new NZ-based online store specialising in luxury home decor. With a focus on exceptional design, they have a growing collection of homeware, curated from world renowned, up and coming, local and international designers, many of which are new to NZ. This includes a stunning range of lighting, including the Plumen range. 

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  1. Love the bell lamps, really cool! I'll check out Mister Mister, great name and always love a new store! M xx

    1. It is a cool name isn't it? Thanks Mel.. enjoy x



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