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Homes to Inspire | Swedish Character


I've probably talked before about how we ended up building a home so I'll keep it short, but it was actually my husband's idea. I grew up in an older, character home and although it was always in a state of renovation, I liked the idea of buying a do-up and turning it into my dream home, while still retaining the original features. Dean on the other hand wanted a new home. Warm and dry, low-maintenance and designed for the how we like to live, over time this idea started to rub off on me. Once I jumped on board, there was no looking back and I couldn't be happier. Now we fantasise about winning Lotto and building a holiday home. Just last night I was telling Dean about my dreams to build a minimalist Nordic barn-inspired home by the sea! Aren't dreams fun?

I do still love older homes, and if I was in the market to buy one, this listing on Swedish Real Estate site Alvhem Mäkleri would definitely be on the must-see open home list! Freshly painted with new finishes it has a fun, quirky Scandi style that Alvhem is renowned for. I can also imagine that most of our furniture and homewares would fit right in!

I love the pale wooden flooring and hallway shelves. Subway tiles, a concrete bench top and metallic details like the gold mixer and hanger hooks give the kitchen an industrial edge. 

The relaxed industrial vibe continues in the bedroom, with another cool DIY leather hanger, vintage chair and clamp light. There are more gold touches in the office, as well as a clever felt bookshelf and one of my favourite chairs, the Hay About A Chair AAC22.

If you'd like to see more, pop over here to see the full house tour.

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  1. Yes I adore this Michelle. They have done this so well. Love the floor boards.

    Amy x

  2. It's nice to hear how it all came about - I didn't know the story. I'm two ways, I adore character homes made extremely comfortable, i also dream of building something so incredible I'd probably never afford to have! I think for me, I'd like to meet somewhere in the middle and make a perfect marriage of old and new architecture. It's hard to find it done well, but when it is it's something else… oh yes, to dream! xx

    1. AAh... I know exactly what you mean... that seamless fusion between old and new... so good. x x

  3. It's a lovely house with amazing details, and trims all around the walls!
    Show us more :)

  4. It looks warm and cosy although simple in its design. Nice place to live in...


    1. I agree.. thanks Marcell, so glad you like it!



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