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Homes to Inspire | Cosy Retreat


The temperature has dropped here in Auckland today and as such, I thought it would be nice to find some warm and cosy interior inspiration. It didn't take me long, thanks to this new project located in Stockholm, that I found on Hitta Hem. The work of Pella Hedeby and her co-stylist Marie Ramse, the home to me has a lovely Autumn feel. True to Pella's signature style, there's an effortlessly cool, relaxed vibe that makes me want to snuggle up on the leather sofa with a cosy throw, a good book or magazine and a hot drink. 

Hardwood floors and white painted walls provide the ideal base for a neutral palette of grey tones, tan leather and chocolate brown accents. In particular, I love the soft textures and lighting. In fact in every room there is either a stylish pendant light, floor lamp, desk lamp, or wall lamp that immediately catches my eye.  

The bedrooms are so inviting. The first one is simple yet striking with its black headboard, round mirror and wall lamp. Lovely textural layers in the second bedroom below include sheer grey curtains and a cross throw. A couple of magazine stacks thrown in, and I'm completely sold! 

Photo credit: Kristofer Johnsson

See more here. 

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  1. Just gorgeous-as with all her work Michelle. And the light in Scandinavian homes-beautiful. SO glad I finally got you on my blog roll-really enjoy all your posts :-) Caroline x

    1. Thanks Caroline, your comment made me so happy. Have a wonderful weekend x x

  2. Oh that plush leather sofa! I sat on a similarish one at Freedom this morning and I want it so much! It must be autumn settling in and dreams of fireside cosiness...?!

    1. I've always fancied a leather sofa.... the tan is such an Autumn colour isn't it? Freedom keeps getting better and better. x x

  3. New fan of amazing blog! Would anyone happen to know where the photo from image three is from? The one with the cool rock n roll sign. Haha. All very beautiful spaces.

    1. Thank you!! I would recommend contacting Pella Hedeby (the stylist) to find out, via one of her blogs, Hitta Hem or Still Inspiration. Good luck!! x



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