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Autumn | Moodboard + New Things


The first of March marked the arrival of autumn here in NZ, but you would never have known it by the sunny and warm weather we had over the weekend. I was certainly not ready to say goodbye to summer, but come Monday things took a turn, and now that the temperature has dropped, I'm feeling okay about the cooler months ahead. That may change when winter comes knocking, but autumn certainly helps ease us in to it. Today I've curated an autumn moodboard. Muted, earthy tones together with natural materials and textural layers are all on my mind right now. 

Images via my Pinterest

Like many, the colder weather starts to effect my skin and as such I pay closer attention to the products I use, especially moisturisers. One brand I absolutely love is Aesop which hails from Melbourne. Highly effective, I love that they use botanical and antioxidant ingredients, and the fragrances are divine! Not only that, they look beautiful in my bathroom and kitchen. You can buy Aesop products in NZ from the Simon James Concept Store

I find that my candle holders get a lot of use around home in Autumn. My collection is growing, and I've started lighting candles daily since the temperature has cooled. I love the cosy feel that lit candles create. LET LIV has a lovely range of candle holders and I've just treated myself to a few new ones. The Limestone & Glass Tealight Holder above is a favourite, as is the sweet little Marble Faceted Candlestick

Also from LET LIV, the Handmade Wire Bowls by Nkuku are gorgeous. I had actually been looking for some new fruit bowls, and as soon as I saw these, I knew they would look great on my marble bench top. As you can see they are available in two sizes, and are also perfectly suited to housing pretty bathroom products! I was also super excited to discover that another one of my sponsors, For Keeps, now stocks the Le Sac en Papier bags. All the way from Paris, these very cool bags are so handy, they can be used for storage and decoration in any room of the home. 

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  1. Gorgeous greys and earthy tones in your mood board! We are welcoming spring here, but this doesn't lessen my love for this palette...
    Love your collection of new treasures also, it feels so good to treat yourself with something nice! I love the feeling I get when I go to post office to pick up something I've had on my wish list (although yesterday this good feeling transformed quickly into sadness when I discovered that my long awaited Lovatt plate had been broken during the delivery...)

    1. Hi Anu, just remembered I hadn't replied to your comment, and I really wanted to say that I was so sorry to hear about your Lovatt plate. It must have been so disappointing. It makes me realise how lucky I was to receive my lovatt pieces safely all the way from Sweden, via my UK post address. I hope you have better luck next time around x x

  2. Ohhh now reading this now the weather is warm again which makes me happy, I need summer to last forever! Love Aesop and I love to light a fragrant candle at the moment too… M xx

    1. I know what you mean - I could definitely live in a summer climate all year round! x



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