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Office | A few Changes


Over the summer holidays, I decided to make some changes to my office. I felt that both the moodboard and shelves could do with an update. To see how it was before, take a look here

Having worked from a laptop for such a long time, more and more I was finding that the small screen just wasn't cutting it. It had also been dying a slow death for some time. A couple of break downs at the start of the year, and I knew it was finally time to invest in the iMac I'd been hankering for. Needless to say I'm loving it!

The beautiful Illustration was a gift from Nynne Rosenvinge, whose new Limited Edition Series I wrote about here. As soon as it arrived I raced off to the framers and knew that it would be perfect for my office. I got the Hay Notebook that was on my January Wishlist, from the lovely webshop La Maison d'Anna G

A few new things on my shelf include the Metal Scissors from Paper Plane Store, the Serax Lightbulb Vase I mentioned earlier this week and the pink dish, also from Nest

For my new moodboard, I've used a beautiful marble board I picked up from The Homestore. I'm sure one day I will use it as a platter on my dining table, but for now I think it works well in my office! Inspired by Riikka of Weekday Carnival, I made the paper fold from an old book, following this DIY tutorial. It makes a great card holder! The Serax Fuji Vase is from J.Levau Shop

Next on the list? A new chair!

Have a lovely weekend everyone. x

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  1. Really lovely office, Michelle! I can imagine how happy you are with your new iMac! We were also choosing a new computer some weeks ago, but unfortunately I had to let go my dream of iMac because my man works in IT field and needs some programs for writing code what doesn't run on Mac...

    1. Thanks Anu! So happy :) My husband works in IT as well, although he's not an iMac convert like me! I hope you're enjoying your new computer regardless! x

  2. lovely! very modern and nordic...I love black and white! have a nice weekend!

  3. What a gorgeous office `michelle. ``and-finally-`i have you on my blogroll! xx

    1. Oh thanks Caroline, much appreciated. I'll pop over and check it out!! x

  4. The office looks great Michelle, lovely and light filled! Glad you're enjoying the Mac, I got a MacBook Pro myself because I do like the portability of it but understand what you mean about screen size..! M xx



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