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TDC Style | Style Card


Last week I told you about my new Styling Service TDC Style. If you missed that post, take a look here. Thanks for all the positive feedback so far, especially to Amy at Milo and Mitzy who summed it up so nicely here on her blog yesterday!

The TDC Style Map has been created to give clients a complete room plan based on their budget, including colour palette, furniture and accessories, as well as a comprehensive shopping list. I will be able to work to scale, with the dimensions of the room or space, and for those who live locally, they can take advantage of designer discounts. I can also order the products and help style the rooms in person.

I also want to cater to those living further afield. Being a global blog, I receive requests from readers far and wide, wanting advice on everything from paint colours, sourcing of products, choosing and hanging art, to styling a whole room. For this, I have come up with the TDC Style Card, a directional moodboard that will include a colour palette and suggestions for furniture and finishing touches based on a specific look or image. I will also give recommendations on where to buy products online, wherever that may be in the world, in fitting with a specified budget.

Here's an example of the Style Card, created from this bedroom image.

Links below Image

Nynne Rosenvinge Prints from MintSix | Hay Minimal Bedlinen Duvet from Corporate Culture | Linen Pillowcases from Cultiver | Feliz Home Flamingo Cushion from Father Rabbit | Pony Rider Grey X Cushion from Father Rabbit | Muuto Unfold Pendant in Grey from IDH | Aura Charcoal Cable Knit Throw from Superette | White Hourglass Sidetable from Freedom | Replica Eames Bird in white from Nood | General Eclectic Origami Vase in grey from LET LIV

I will be putting a page on my blog detailing a full list of services very soon. If you have any questions or styling requests in the meantime, please get in touch! 

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  1. Fantastic Michelle! I really love how you pulled the style of that room onto your TDC Style Card. You're going to be hot in demand!! x

    1. Thanks Mel! I've had quite a few inquiries already so it's been a good start so far! x

  2. Great job on the Style Card! Love the soft color tones combined with the strong dark touches like the Muuto Unfold. Its matte rubber finish is so cool.

    1. Thank you. I love the Muuto! We have the black ones at home, and I agree - the rubber finish is awesome x



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