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Studio You Me


I was very happy to discover the Melbourne based design firm Studio You Me thanks to Est who featured one of their incredible projects recently. Looking through their portfolio, I was further wowed by what I saw. Founders Kestie Lane and Hana Hakim, share a love of design. Their unique strengths, individual styles and personal friendship has resulted in a great business partnership. Hugely talented, the pair work on interior projects across residential, workplace, hospitality and retail design. They also collaborate together on graphic, event, furniture and product design. 

Starting with the Brighton Residence that initially caught me eye, I love the use of custom black-stained American Oak veneer and bright pops of green and orange. Danish white limed floors and white walls add further contrast to the dark cabinetry. 

Photo credit: Jonathan Vdk

The urban apartments, Morton Avenue, are simple yet elegant. Featuring a black and white palette with industrial accents, I love the tiling and round accents such as the hooks and bathroom mirror. 

Slattery Australia is a multiple award-winning workspace dubbed the office everyone would love to work in. I can see why! Featuring a sophisticated white palette and refined black elements, the mix of black in-filled ships deck floor and steel framed glazing is divine. 

Photo Credit: Peter Clarke

All images via Studio You Me

We have a long weekend here in NZ, so I will be back on Tuesday to announce the winner of the gorgeous Lahood Giveaway. If you haven't yet entered, you have until midnight Monday. Good luck, and have a wonderful break!

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  1. So cool. We're currently renovating our bathroom so I'm particularly loving these bathrooms - there are actually some similarities to ours, like the off-set basin and a similar custom vanity. Love the green towel rack. x

    1. Ooh, I love that - your new bathroom sounds amazing Vic! x

  2. Absolutely love everything about that bathroom - the tiling, the wooden stool, the circular mirror... I'd like to magic it into our home!

  3. Such a talented creative duo. I agree with Vic, that bathroom is gorgeous - loving round mirrors, you were spot on to get them yourself Michelle. xx

    1. Thanks Mel. They are much easier to clean than the large rectangle ones too! x



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