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Interior Styling | Spring Inspiration


I find the arrival of spring so uplifting. The warmer weather and sunshine brings with it a happy vibe, and I can't help but feel inspired. While I love to embrace cosy textures in winter, it's a welcome change to lighten things up a little and 'throw off the covers'. Materials such as cotton and linen, and soft colour palettes really appeal, as do natural elements such as wood and rattan. 

And of course spring calls for fresh flowers!

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 

Here are some ideas for injecting some spring loveliness into your home. 

Links below images 

01 Ceramic Blue Milk Bottle Vases from Good Regards
02 Babcha Luxe Light Harlequin Cushion by DAN300
03 Pony Rider Peach X Cushion from Father Rabbit
04 Phalaenopsis Orchid from Freedom
05 Gentong Oval Storage Basket Set from Citta Design
06 Caroline Hurley Square Dots Peach Linen Throw from The Minimalist
07 Mud Australia Mud Bowls from Father Rabbit
08 Hades Chopping Boards from Citta Design
09 Bell Basket Pendant from Freedom
10 Feliz Square Dancing Fluro Yellow Duvet Cover from Father Rabbit
11 Two Hearts Pink Print from Paper Plane

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  1. I love those splashes of colour in all these photos - so pretty. x

  2. Oh I'm loving the Mud bowls, gorgeous and chalky - that and the Caroline Hurley throw, so cute and fresh! Have a fab weekend Michelle, hope this crazy wind will settle so that we can go and experience spring again, I was getting used to that sunshine! Mel x

    1. Those are my top two of my faves as well, along with the cushions! That wind has been crazy alright... here's to a sunny weekend. Have a good one x

  3. Love the light and airy feeling these spaces give off. Very beautiful and inspiring!

    1. Thanks Brooke, so glad you like them! Happy weekend x

  4. where is the grey sofa from please



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