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Interior Styling | Natural Love


I'm all for a neutral palette, but having lived in older homes that had previously been given the beige wall and carpet treatment, I couldn't wait for a fresh change to white walls and grey carpet. We couldn't be happier with the Resene Black White paint, however the carpet was a bit more challenging. Like the bathroom tiles (more on those later) I chose the carpet early on, and when it came time to order it in, it was no longer available. After choosing an alternative one, which was very similar, the shipment was delayed, giving me no choice but to choose again. Ahh... the joys of building. 

The third and final choice caused me a few headaches, because although grey, it had a bit of taupe in it, which being similar to beige, was what I wanted to avoid. Luckily, it all turned out for the best. The downstairs area which is carpeted is darker than upstairs, with lower ceilings, so the lighter colour we ended up with is the better option and looks fantastic. Phew!

What I've also noticed is it works well with my natural bedding and ensuite towels, which means I don't have to rush out and replace them just yet. And when I do, they can be kept as a back up! Which brings me to today's post, about interiors that have a predominantly natural colour scheme. Done right, a bit of beige, taupe or whatever you'd like to call it works beautifully mixed with whites, off-whites and greys. Add some rustic textural elements like wood and rattan, throw in a bit of industrial style and you have a winning combination.

An Instagram pic of our bedroom showing the white, grey and natural bedding 

These gorgeous windows let in loads of natural light. The exposed bricks and industrial wall lamp work well with the neutral palette, and I love the log coffee table and long floor cushion. 

The height of this space, together with white painted bricks provide a great backdrop for layering in texture. The oversized elements like the mirrors and pot plant give it its wow factor. 

This living room has a serene feel. Calm and simple, I love the rustic table and black and white photograph.   

This wall colour provides a subtle contrast to the white ceiling. I want those stools!

There's nothing like a chunky throw to add warmth and texture. 

Natural cushions in blush and off-white make this teepee an inviting, cosy hideout. 

There are so many gorgeous natural elements in the home above including the Armadillo rug, furniture, sheepskin, billowy curtains and even an outdoor hammock!

White-washed floors and beige bedlinen never looked so good.

Lastly, I just had to include this incredible architecturally designed home. The huge natural floor cushions are perfect dotted around the expansive living area. 

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7-8 | 9 |10

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  1. The beige/taupe tones bring some warmth to the black and white colour scheme, so it's a definite winner. Your bedroom looks gorgeous. x

  2. Oh yes, like you I'm afraid of beige, it's been destroyed by too many rental homes! I think the secret is when they do it the other way and the walls are white and with touches of beige warmth. Beautiful images you've found to demonstrate Michelle. M x

    1. I agree - that's how I'd do it! Thanks Mel x

  3. Love the tones. May I ask where you got the white, grey & natural bed quilt from please? Mel

    1. Thanks Mel. It's a Citta Design duvet cover from many seasons ago, so unfortunately no longer available! Country Road Home have some gorgeous new styles in .. greys, naturals and polka dots which may be worth checking out x

    2. thank you xx

  4. Where did you get the grey and white rug in the living room? It's so different!

  5. love all these tones! Can I ask the name of the carpet you ended up going with? thanks!

    1. Sure! The carpet is from Flooring Xtra. The product name is Hinau Tree and the colour is Girvan.
      (Ref 53 | 8690)
      x Michelle

  6. where did you purchase the greys and white rug under the coffee table? I love it?

  7. Where is that big geometric print from? Thanks



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