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Home Build | String Styling


If you've been following my Home Build series, you'll know all about my obsession with String, the iconic Scandinavian shelving system. Having first wrote about it in my living room inspiration post, I'm happy to report that the String Shelf arrived safely, thanks to Bob and Friends who I introduced you to here, and is now assembled and ready to go! 

Over the weekend I started to unpack a few things and had fun rearranging them on the shelves, taking a couple of Instagram pics as I went along. My iPhone camera is getting a lot of use lately - I promise I'll take some better photos on my camera soon! 

I bought a few new plants yesterday, one of which is a small palm, perfect for the String. I also have my eye on many more gorgeous things including books, candles, prints and other decorative pieces. All fit in with the monochrome palette, along with touches of grey, blush and gold. As well as plants, I'd like to add more pale wood, ceramic and metallic details for layers of texture. 

Shelves of any kind provide a great way to display treasures and inject personality and soul into a home. Here's a selection of items from my wishlist, that will hopefully inspire you too.   

01 String Shelf Styling by Nordic Leaves
02 Wooden Clint Box by Ferm Living 
03 Tom Dixon Eclectic Candle
04 Kate - The Kate Moss Book
05 The Fashion Book Mini Edition
06 Eames House Bird
07 Kubis 4 by By Lassen
08 Deer Framed Print by Angela McKay for Father Rabbit
09 Vedel Bird by Achitectmade
10 Gold Bag by Uashmama from Girl & Graaf
11 Milk Lamp by &Tradition
12 Tom Dixon Eclectic Cast Mini Jack
13 Styling with Green Plants by Stylizimo

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  1. Ohhh looking gorgeous Michelle! Big hi from Sydney x

    1. Thanks Mel! I hope you're having a fab time!! x

  2. Looking fab Michelle. Love the string shelving, and I've always fancied those gold bags too. x

  3. What a great wishlist you have there! I love the String shelves myself and I really like what I see.
    Thank you so much for the link :)

    All the best,

    1. Thanks Nina, always a pleasure - love your styling! x

  4. Love the String unit, looks great!

  5. It looks great! I love your couch too, where is it from?

    1. Thanks Bridget. It's from Freedom. Here's the link to the 2 seater. We also have the 3 seater and it comes in a modular version as well

    2. Thanks Michelle. I did wonder if they were the Freedom ones I have been thinking about for a while. Lovely to see them in a home!



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