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Guest Post | Cush & Nooks


It's a pleasure to introduce you to my guest today. An Interiors guru, Vic's passion is evident in everything she shares on her fabulous blog Cush & Nooks. She also runs an online store and recently started up an interior decoration business Bibby + Brady! 

Hi to all Michelle's readers, it's Vic here, from Cush & Nooks. I'm really happy to be guest posting on The Design Chaser today. Two of my favorite things are being inspired by other people's beautiful homes (I love seeing people's personalities expressed in their homes), and interior magazines. So I'm combining those two things in this post by showing you the home office of Apartment 34 blogger, Erin Hiemstra, which is featured in the latest Rue magazine.

As soon as I saw Erin's office I immediately knew I wanted to share it with you today. I felt that Erin's style was a pretty good blend of mine and Michelle's. Michelle loves Scandinavian design - gorgeous clean, stylish interiors. I do too, but also love to throw in lots of pattern and a bit of quirkiness.

Erin started her blog five years ago to document the renovation of her first home in Seattle. Over the years Apartment 34 has grown into a leading lifestyle site providing daily inspiration on shopping, personal style and home decor.

Because of the growth and success of her blog, Erin left her job to blog full-time. But working from her living room was taking a toll. When she and her husband recently relocated to a larger home, it meant she could have a real office. Somewhere she could close the doors and focus on work, somewhere she could fit a larger desk and a cosy sofa for visitors.

I love what Erin has achieved. She has managed to create a warm and inviting environment, perfect for daily creativity, while also maintaining a professional feel if a client visits. Make sure you pop over and read the whole story, and much more in the latest Rue.

Thanks for having me Michelle :) x

What a stunning office space. I'm heading over to Rue now! 

I've been guest posting over on Milo and Mitzy today and I've featured a gorgeous home in Denmark, so make sure you check it out! See you back here tomorrow. 

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  1. Lovely post. I look forward to checking out Rue. x

  2. very inspiring...

  3. Hi Vic (and Michelle)! Oh good choice and funny I'm so in the headspace of "I want my very own studio" right now so you've given me some inspiration. Mel x

  4. Hi ladies! Thank you so much for featuring on my office here! I'm loving both this blog Michelle and yours too Vic! Seriously inspiring stuff - you just scored a new daily reader!!

    1. Hi Erin! That's so exciting - thank you! I was thrilled with Vic's guest post - your office really is a stunning blend of both our styles. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Love your blog and your pins! x x



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