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When it comes to white moodboards, like this one I did recently for weekend inspiration, I'm never short on pins. I should probably start a white themed Pinterest board. Have you ever started a new board and had to transfer pins across from another one? It's such a mission and I really wish there was a quicker way than editing each pin. Hopefully the Pinterest people are working on a solution as we speak! My advice, if you're new to Pinterest, is to start as many boards as possible from the outset. When I first joined up, I naively had just one board for interiors. Of course it grew very quickly and I now have one for each area of the home, but getting to that point took a fair bit of rearranging!

This rustic moodboard started with one amazing image. I love the drama created by the incredible dress, location and styling. When I came across it some time ago I hastily saved it and either forgot to make a note of the source or scribbled it down and can't find it. I'll keep searching, but If anyone recognises it please let me know. It's too good not to pin, don't you think?

I curated this moodboard for the long weekend that's just passed. Inspired by the fact that we were heading away to the beach, the Stop & Smell the Roses pin was perfect. Designed by incredible New York based illustrator and blogger Samantha Hahn, I think I may need to dedicate an entire post to her soon! Until then, you can check out her blog Maquette and her Pinterest Boards

Today we're going to take a look at the beautiful boards of Australian pinner Jessie James who owns Follow Paper Co, a Sydney-based design studio specialising in paper goods, that are "thoughtful, honest and handcrafted". Jessie applies her signature aesthetic and incredible attention to detail to all of her designs, creating simple, organic stationery for weddings and celebrations, as well as a range of everyday supplies such as paper, seals and stamps. Other services include full custom graphic design for print and online. 

Follow Studio goodness, via Jessie's Paper things board.

You'll also find many more boards such as Interior things, Simple things and Stylish things, providing much eye-candy and a recurring theme of serene loveliness, which Jessie does so well. Two other faves are Celebrate things which includes more of Jessie's work and the most stunning pictures from her wedding day (see pin 09 below) and Foodie things which makes my mouth water! Here are some standout pins.  

1 Pin | 2 Pin | 3 Pin | 4 Pin | 5 Pin | 6 Pin | 7 Pin | 8 Pin | 9 Pin

Enjoy browsing Jessie's boards and make sure you check out her Follow Blog, where you'll find even more inspiration.  

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  1. Oh I just love the boards you put together. Love love love that bed in pin number 5 and I agree, such a mission to edit in Pinterest. Also so hard to look at peoples boards who just have one great big interior board. Thanks for the inspiration. Amy x

    1. Good point re searching on a board - works both ways doesn't it?! Thanks Amy x

  2. These are all so amazing!! I love looking at pretty inspiring images. I especially love all the light white boards. Just followed all on Pinterest so I can always see your pretty pins! :-)

  3. Wow, so many gorgi images! I found a cool way to find the source of a photo recently. Drag the image to your desktop (speaking in Mac talk), go to Google Images and click on the little camera, then upload the photo and it will give you a list of websites that feature that image - so handy! x

    1. That is so clever!! I just tried it (on my PC - still waiting for the day I get a Mac) and it worked - very handy indeed! Thanks Vic x

  4. Just tumbled across you blog and I am in love with eye for design, its so clean and fresh. Had to follow your lovely blog on both bloglovin' and pinterest : )

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

    1. Thanks Cindi! So lovely to have you stop by! Look forward to following you back x



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